GAME THREAD: Jazz at Hawks 11/15/2015 6pm EST


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GAME THREAD - Lazy Sunday Version: Jazz at Hawks 11/15/2015 6pm EST


The road trip has been tough. But it's time for the team to rally, get our best team on the floor and show why we're playoff bound. The Hawks are another top tier team in the East and this road win will send a message - those close games with top notch teams is just a precursor to our onward and upward trend. Plus Snyder wants to show his old boss who's boss.

For those of you long time Jazz fans it's ten years ago this season when our visit to the Hawks led to this oh so fun and memorable game:

Time to pull out your favorite beverage, lay back the recliner and watch some Sabbath hoops. Here's to a little Lazy Sunday action:

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Damnit, I thought this game was tonight. At least it's football Saturday!


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Want to get familiar with what the Hawks fans are thinking? . . . enjoy the Hawks fan forum for some kicks:

Atlanta Hawks Fan Forum

A particular quote that is fun in light of our front line if Gobert plays with Favors:

"This team is inferior to last years team.

I'm kind of bored with these guys.... They play like they're bored, and I'm bored with watching them play.

Anyone else tired of watching big men go off on Al and Millsap? Kelly Olynyk had 15 points in only 17 minutes and Amir Johnson had 19/8/4. Splitter is a useless sack of ****. Waste of money... He is a big clod without Duncan to make him look decent."

Get ready for the Block Brothers to marinade themselves in the joy of owning the paint - [crosses fingers].

Their game thread not up yet ... will be interesting to see what they're thinking about us particularly.