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How Much $$$ Should Jazz Throw at Austin Reaves?

Yes, but there would’ve been no reason for them to not match. The only difference is they get him at a discount for the last two years of the contract they signed him to. I’m pretty sure both sides were eager to work out an extension, so they decided to get it done.
Or could it be that our eyes have been on Dame all along?
Maybe we didn’t make an offer cos were going for Dame?

Not knowing Miami’s picks , they really don’t have much outside of herro and Robinson , which for the player Dame is , doesn’t get you anywhere near a gobert package .

With Portland looking to send Herro to a third team , it indicates they are just after picks , and we sure have a treasure chest of those .

Nothing has been announced yet , DA is on his 10 coffee ☕️ for the day , we could only hope .