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How Much $$$ Should Jazz Throw at Austin Reaves?

Yeah I was thinking Clarkson + their FRP back? It would save them a bundle of cash and they supposedly drafted Schifino-Hood as a potential Reaves replacement.

Unfortunately I think it's probably a lost cause at this point.
Yeah, that's my last-ditch offer. Clarkson and their '27 pick back. Which is honestly pretty ****ing good for them.
A lot of people here wanted him at 25 mill per year..... Another great Jazzfanz addition in the books
I just wish we could Front Load a contract that's still the same amount, and then the Laker's couldn't match it or if they did, they would be put over the 2nd apron
If lil Freddy can get 130/3 ,Reaves is easily worth twice the 55/4 amount the Lakers can give him.
I am def thinking we offer him more, had we not traded for Collins
Couldn’t we have offered him more than what the Lakers gave him?
Yes, but there would’ve been no reason for them to not match. The only difference is they get him at a discount for the last two years of the contract they signed him to. I’m pretty sure both sides were eager to work out an extension, so they decided to get it done.