I bet $7,600 on the Jazz to beat the Raptors


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Donovan with some dumb **** down the stretch. Awful floater then whatever that reverse layup was + throwing it away


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Kudos to whowever those Jazzfanz were who got under the skin of Jack Armstrong(toronto broadcast guy). Made me laugh. Otherwise I am sad.


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Mitchell and Bogey needed to have better games than this, but credit their defenders.


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Our starters have been trash for a while. Donovan still chucking, Rudy being clumsy, Boj offering nothing I’d no points, Conley bound to regress and O’Neale being more of a bench guy than anything.


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Donovan and Rudy don't work. A few times this game, Donovan gets wide open down the lane. Often, Rudy isn't quite there for the lob because Donovan is so far ahead but you can tell Donovan is still trying to set Rudy up. Donovan is trying so hard to get that ball to Rudy. I think that is taking away from Donovan because we are trying so hard to feed Rudy.

Just my 2 cents

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We had to score quickly there anyway to stand a chance but no one could catch a pass

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This team allows itself to get happy too Effin easy. Bolerjack and their media always killing our edge with streak talk. Stfu and let this team stay hungry

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Mitchell has been awful. I think Gobert gets extra frustrated when Mitchell takes those ****** shots and he isnt getting anything.

Mitchell really needs to learn how to make Gobert better instead of just Gobert making Mitchell better.