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If we were to hypothetically get Damian Lillard, what’s the follow-up move?


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I hate to create another thread around this premise, but this is to explore what I would believe to be just as important a question of “should we trade for Dame” that would necessitate knowing, “now what?” If we traded for him then we’d obviously have to do so understanding that we were accelerating the timeline. I don’t believe this roster is at a place where you’re getting all the value in a Lillard trade if it we’re to stay as-is and “let it play out.”

From your vantage point, what would be the next reasonable move to balance out this roster and put us in contention?
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I gotta say, I'm just not that into it.
I’m mostly ambivalent and will just wait to see what happens. Would have some reservations, but I’d definitely need to know what was next. If it was “let’s let the season play out and see,” then this is a move that should not be made.
If we’re just playing “what if”….

First off, I’d only be willing to do the trade if Portland is ok with a deal that’s high on draft picks, low on players that would take away from our core. Obviously, adding Dame would necessitate the need to jettison some guards and we’ve gotta make salaries work, so some combo of Sexton/Clarkson/Ochai gotta go, but I’m hanging up the phone if they ask for one of Lauri, Kessler, or even Collins.

That being said, I dunno if I’d really feel the need to make a follow-up move once adding Dame if we were able to hold on to the assets I’ve mentioned. I don’t see why that squad couldn’t get us to 50+ wins and we’d still have some moveable assets, so why not see how things look up to the trade deadline and decide what to do then?
If they got Dame they should look for another playoff tested guy. Guys who have mentioned in trade talks include Harden, Lavine, Siakam, OG, and P George but based on their teams’ free agency none of those teams are looking to rebuild and the Jazz don’t have any win-now trade pieces.

They would likely need to wait until another team decides to enter a rebuild either by the deadline or next off season.
Well, first of all don't trade all of our picks. Just trade enough to send Pat Riley back to the toilet (where he belongs).

The real beauty of this situation is the potential that we have enough to trade for a player like Dame while still retaining half of our trade assets and a good amount of our picks.

We honestly shouldn't even be this far along the path of this rebuild. LM put us ahead of schedule, and his unexpected growth means that we don't necessarily have to go after another star after nabbing someone like Lillard.
I would look for an enforcer. Not sure who, but q defensive minded juggernaut. Draymond Green would have potentially be a steal at that point. Mikal Bridges would be my top choice but we aren't getting him.
I'm sure he's not available, but I would at least put a call into the Nets about Bridges and offer them a bunch of 1st round picks.
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I think it depends on who we use to match salaries for Dame, but most likely it would just be adding depth pieces to replace who we sent out. Then maybe at the deadline we see how things are looking and trade for an upgrade at that point.
Depends on who we have to give up to get Dame. If this is more picks vs players then you don’t really need to go get anyone else. That is a very competitive team that would have as much chance as any other team… just have to see how they gel.
A trade for John Collins would be the follow-up move but we already did that. We have the perfect roster for a star PG to come to.
That's what I keep coming back with. I get he was essentially free and Tony says we aren't tanking. It seems we're building a team for him. Could be Doncic I suppose but he's not available this year.
That's what I keep coming back with. I get he was essentially free and Tony says we aren't tanking. It seems we're building a team for him. Could be Doncic I suppose but he's not available this year.
Also he has no ties to Utah. Would he even come here?