Is this a basketball team, or just a business?


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I was thinking about this at the game last night. Greg Miller is a businessman, first and foremost. I think it's obvious that he doesn't have the same passion for this team that Larry did.

Is Greg (and other management) just managing this team to fill seats & run a viable business? Because I'm sure they know that as long as the team "competes" and contends for a playoff spot, ANY playoff spot, they will fill the seats pretty well, and they will keep selling a decent amount of merchandise. This fan base is loyal enough to ensure that. Is this the #1 goal of the powers that be?

The Jazz are fortunate to have some of the craziest, loudest fans in the league, if not THE loudest. So as long as the team is at least mediocre, the fans show up and Greg makes a buck.

But I was at the game last night and saw a lot of discontented, angry fans. I heard boos, along with things like, "pull your heads out Jazz," "you guys suck," and yes, "get a new coach." Not from everyone of course, but from many. That stuff can be heard in probably any arena on any given night, but as you all know, last night was just BAD for basically the full 48 minutes. If this stuff continues, I can see Greg's (presumed) fill the seats and we're successful strategy backfiring as fans realize how bad the coaching is, and as a result, see how clueless our players are as to running any real system on the floor. People will stop coming in droves because it's not fun anymore. It's depressing. It's not depressing because we're fair-weather fans, it's depressing because we do love the team and know they should be better than that.

We pay a lot of money to go to games. We spend even more money on food, hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers. We sign up for cable TV so we can watch every game. We yell and scream until our throats hurt. Yes, real fans always love the team, but it gets to a point where we start realizing we deserve better than the show we are getting. For me it's getting there right's not so fun anymore, it's hard to watch.

To quote Remember the Titans, "attitude reflects leadership." This team has some very good talent that isn't being used properly. As long as management is concerned primarily with just running a viable business, things won't change much. No risks will be taken, no major strides will be made. What we need is team ownership and management, from the top down, to want to win titles, not just win enough.


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Who knows if it is? One thing is for sure there are ZERO NBA championship banners in the rafters. The most frustrating thing to me is that Utah only thinks hard work wins championships. Sorry but TALENT wins in the NBA, staying the same and not adjusting to how the game has changed is also part of the problem. I, as a fan, have no problem supporting a losing team for a few years if it brings a promise of becoming better. The frustration is that I get all excited about the new young players being drafted then I just watch in amazement when the organization brings in the likes of Mitt Palacio, Randy Foye, Earl Watson, etc to play over young more talented players.


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I, as a fan, have no problem supporting a losing team for a few years if it brings a promise of becoming better.
Me neither. Trouble is they aren't doing it that way. They keep trying to fill those seats by this "win now" attitude. What that really means is "stay mediocre" while the young talent suffers, not getting developed the way OKC did. And look at them now. That COULD be us in a few years, but it won't.


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I am big jazz fan but i know deep down jazz is will never win championship. #1 for jazz is business KOC job is to put good team together for first round of playoffs.


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I believe that it is a rare individual who can change his role within an organization without changing posistions. Greg Miller's initial role was to not mess up what Larry and KOC had put together. He is still sitting back filling his role. Without knowing them personally, I think the working dynamic and leadership styles of Greg and Larry can be compared to Ty and Jerry. Larry and Jerry were dominant, threatening bullies, Greg and Ty had to be submissive to keep the peace.

Jerry insisted that everything be done his way. He had the personality and backing from managment to enforce his way on everyone under him, and his demonstritive attitude grew through the years. It became such that players and coaches had to be submissive to Jerry or they were gone. But not everyone is wired to be submissive all the time, some couldn't do it at all, (Giriceck), some could only do it for a short time (Arroyo, Deron, Coach Chiesa) and some were happy to be submissive: Collins spent 8 seasons with the jazz, Tyrone Corbin spent 7 years as Jerry's assistant.

It takes a different kind of mindset to be ridden and abused by a strong personality--I think it is safe to describe Ty as loyal, dependable, committed and dedicated. I don't know if anyone would describe him as aggressive, demanding or driven. Ty would make an awesome brother in law or neighbor or high school coach teaching some kids the meaning of life. I'm not sure he can be an NBA head coach.

Sorry Ty and sorry Greg, for in this life nice guys finish last.
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When the plan backfires on Greg, don't expect changes. Expect blame placed on the community for 'not supporting the team' to which he'll be able to more easily sell the team or relocate it because, hey, "it's the fans' fault." Do not expect anyone to backtrack or admit fault.

The problem is we can never channel this energy. We're going to go on a big tear at the end of the season that will pacify us with the upward momentum moving into the playoffs.