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Jazz and Knicks discussing Donovan Mitchell trade per Shams Charania and Tony Jones

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The Jazz and Knicks have begun discussions on a potential trade sending three-time NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell to New York, sources tell The Athletic.

The Jazz are having conversations with multiple teams on a Mitchell deal, but the Knicks have emerged as the focused destination over the past several days, sources said. Both sides have discussed a deal framework in the past 24 hours, those sources said.
Shams and Tony wouldn’t have ran with this unless they knew which way the wind was blowing.
Tony has been the leader of “the Jazz aren’t trading Donovan”. Will end up falling back and saying they were blown away by a package… a package some of us totally said could be coming.
I really hope we take back Rose instead of Fournier as salary filler. Rose has a team option next year so he’s basically an expiring contract.

Barrett + Rose works salary wise as does Toppin + Quickley + Rose works salary wise as well if we add Grimes/McBride/Sims/Keels to the deal.
Knicks moving quick. Have to appreciate that sort of initiative.
Quick? You call this quick I’ve refreshed this site at least 100,000 times all fricken day long spewing in my Covid diseased self!! This is anything but fast. I’m driving myself crazy no companionship other then all of you idiots, oh and I’ve been texting YoungJefe for the better part of two days.