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Jazz listed as possible trade destination for Derrick Williams

IF true I am very glad that Utah is out there looking around and active int alks. Just have to make sure than any and all deals made have to completely support the rebuilding effort centered around the draft and free agency next year. I would veto any trade that involves us shipping out 2014 first rounders.
My luck it will be Gobert & rush for Williams.

Wow, do you know what Utah, Sac. NYK, Nets all have in common? They are all really, really bad.
Maybe Marvin is involved in this deal? I'd be curious to see what a lineup of favors/kanter/Williams could do.
Out of concern for Gameface's safety (and by extension the safety of all drivers on the roads of Utah) I move that we veto any trade that has the possibility of putting multiple people named Williams onto the Jazz.

(Message board posting fans have veto rights as long as their rep is high enough, correct?)
So what's the story with this guy? He shoots 35% now, and 60% in college? Too much of tweener? Once the size and athleticism level evened out a bit he didn't have the skill level to get some bunnies?

I wouldn't mind him on the cheap as I saw play a few times in college and he was interesting. That's partly what this season should be about now really. Just bringing guys that you might find interesting that are scrubbing away elsewhere on the cheap and giving them an audition. Him and that white guy on the Kings seem like two prime candidates.
They liked burks before, Burks and Rush for another Williams works.

So does Kanter for Williams. Just sayin.

Williams shoots 35% you say?

I say welcome aboard young man, you will fit right in.

How does Williams feel about long, contested 2pt shots?
The announcers answer a lot of my questions in this video:

He is lazy, and apparently does get the rim often, he just can't finish well --

A rotation of Kanter-Favors-Williams sounds enticing, though I don't know what we would give up for him.
5 pts, 2 rpg. Sounds like a real winner. I sure hope we drop one of our 2014 first rounders to get him, unprotected of course.
I've mentioned this before, and it's probably irrelevant now, but I know the Jazz really liked him around the draft and were really hoping to get him. They actively tried to move up to get him. Obviously he hasn't panned out, but weren't the Jazz also listed as involved in talks for him last year?
Minnesota is looking to contend...Trading Rubio doesn't fit that plan.

I don't think the Jazz could get a pick using Marvin in this scenario, unfortunately.

I think Marvin straight up for Williams makes a lot of sense for both sides, they don't need any more young guys to add to their core. Marvin could be a great compliment to what they already have, and comes off the books at the end of the year.
With Derrick his coach needs him to play more SF because of Love. Last year when he could play the 4 he was effective offensively. Also he's too slow to guard 3s. With 4s he's not that bad but needs a strong defender next to him inside, who can help him out.
He hasn't quite extended his shooting out to the NBA line, if he did he'd be an okay stretch guy off the ball, but right now he's got to either fade from midrange or get ahead on a curl to finish around the rim.
If he can get a change of scenery after his rookie contract and lose the #2 pick stigma he'll be an okay 6th man offensive input player as a stretch 4. Prolly worth around $5M when he's being used properly.