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The fact they were heavily protecting their 2023 pick enough to cost themselves Bogey tells you everything you need to know about their hopes of competing this year. It is going to get really bad for them.
I bet the Ayton trade rumors pick up real quick.

Flaming hot take that I don't actually believe... CP is a Laker by the start of next season.


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I'm such a sucker, just a complete illogical idiot fan. I'm actually getting excited about the season starting. I'm buying everything that the team is selling as far as a young exciting team filled with guys worth cheering for.

I was planning on spending much less time on the Jazz this year. This year is supposed to be the year of asset acquisition. We might not have any of our current players when we get to championship contention mode. I'm not entirely on board with all of the decisions they've made so far. Worst of all, it will be painful to watch those uniforms all season.

Somehow a PR day of Jazz interviews and I'm reeled back in.

Moonlight Graham

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The Jazz turning into giant chokers coincided with Mitchell, honestly. We were decent in the clutch under Snyder before then.

Throughout his career his USG% in the clutch in massive, and his TS% and turnover rate are both absolutely abysmal.

That having been said, I do think Snyder deserves some criticism for not holding Mitchell more accountable there.
It was crazy the way we would play excellent offense most of the game and then throw it out down the stretch and just do Mitchell iso's over and over. Both Mitchell and Snyder were at fault.