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The offseason is just getting underway, but as of right now:
** The Suns could lose Chris Paul in free agency.
** The Clippers will be without Kawhi for the regular season next year.
** The Nuggets will be without Jamal Murray likely for half the season.
** The Lakers need to be retooled and Lebron is only getting older.
** The Warriors could re-emerge, but Klay is coming off of two missed seasons.
** We can handle Portland.

If the Jazz can get their act together, they could be the #1 seed in the WC again next year.


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A good read:

"The summer of the sign and trade"

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The Jazz floating a rumor about Joe Ingles and Bojan Bogdanovic may be intended to stir up some sign-and-trade options during free agency.


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Realistic guys I have my eye on in free agency to add to the toughness factor of our team. I want guys who are going to play with the heart necessary to get us over the hump:

Free agents:

PJ Tucker - probably not possible, but I'd love having him.
Theis - stretch 5 hustle guy. If we trade/dump Favors, I want him.
Olynyk - if not Theis, get Olynyk.
Patty Mills - another all heart guy. Would love him off the bench.
Caruso - probably impossible, but would try to get him.
Ntilikina - pure hustle, great defense, awful offense. We could make a long term role for him.

Trade targets:

Rozier - he plays with that fire that we need.
Nance - hustle, heart guy. Solid player.
John Collins - budding superstar so probably impossible, but I like the edge he plays with.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the guys I would target.

I’m not big on Tucker for us, but really like the rest of this list. I’d add Neto and McConnell as other backup PGs I’d like.

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If the Knicks traded us Toppin and Knox for Conley, I would take it over losing Conley for nothing.

One caveat though - if we sign Ntilikina to a cheap offer sheet, NY doesn't match.
I don’t know what Frank’s qualifying offer is… but if they give him one he should sign it immediately.