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Jazz trade Fonteccio to Pistons for 2024 2nd

Guess I'm not astute enough to grasp DA/RS big picture vision for their strategy.
This probably implies that no team out there is dumb enough to take THT off our hands.
I don't get it. I would think he'd have a lot more value than a single 2nd round pick. Weird.
Weird trade unless it means Hendricks is going to start getting minutes. I don't think Fontecchio is anything special but he's better than what I would expect from an average 2nd round pick.

Just saw the update get posted as I was typing, Knox kind of sucks imo but at least he's another warm body at a position we would be thin at without Fontecchio.
Wait, we got Detroit second and the Wizards or just the Wizards? I wouldn’t have thought DA makes a trade specifically for seconds when he has left about 5 on the table during his tenure.