Jazz trade for the 50th pick and select Jarrell Brantley


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About time Utah adds a solid 2nd round pick. This is one area DL screwed up so far while other teams are drafting Jokics and Middletons.
This dude has limited upside obviously but should be ready to contribute right away.

I knew nothing about the guy before so on the first glimpse these are what I liked
  • wingspan, strength, energy
  • defense, 3&D potential
  • rebounding

What I disliked:
Somehow awkward and slow dribble


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More important than his 3 pt %, imo, is his FT%. He's a solid shooter.

I think he makes the roster. We need a player of his type, and don't have one since Crowder left.


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More I look at, the more I like.

0:45 of this highlight reel doesn't look meh.
Great highlight reel, made me really excited for the pick. Looks to me like his body has a lot of room for improvement. Seems like lots of players from smaller conferences make significant gains in strength and speed after a year or two working with NBA trainers.

Seems like it is all going to come down to his defense. His defensive impact was really good in college, but was against lower competition/athleticism, although he had a really good defensive game in the final of the Portsmouth Tournament. I expect it is going to come down to his lateral quickness, but I haven't watched enough to judge.


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I liked everything I saw on the highlight reel. Showed a huge array of skills. Only 2 things: First, I'm not sure that the NBA refs will let him clear space with his off arm like that, maybe they will, but he's really relies on it. Second, it's a highlight reel, of course he'll look good. I miss the hell out of Draft Express, I used to watch like 10% of the Strengths and really focus on the Weakness video. We can't tell anything about his defense from that video, and defense will probably determine if he's ready to play or not.

Exhibit A: Grayson Allen.