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Do we have any info of workouts for players we might be targeting at #9? All the names I've seen seem like #28 targets at best
OKay, let's draft Dillion and make him use the same number as Donovan....... and then take over DON ISSUE adidas so I don't have to get rid of 20+ pairs
Once we get into June they will start having the bigger name guys in for workouts.
like who for example? you know we are not getting many prospects with a range starting ahead of us at 9. Danny is already out there, he aint waiting for them to come to him anyway imo. common locations gm/pres will travel.
Maybe the one's trying to move up as late risers are calling us, knowing we have that sweet 16 pick where one's deserving higher pick spots could come into the light. I want to see us really look at OMP if Leo Miller is taken before 16. There are others as well who could make sense regardless of what happens at 9.
OMP could just as easily be gone before 16, at this point, I don't care what anyone says, with the way he destroyed the combine same as late rise of Santa Clara Jalen Williams in 22.