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Jazzfanz Mock Draft Exercise #1

Couple options there I suppose but I bet they end up moving one of the picks or finding a consolidation partner to move up.
I tend to agree, but there are some interesting names out there.

Juan Nunez, Hansen Yang, Pacome Dadiet, Melvin Ajinca, and Nikola Djurisic would be my list if they declare
Yeah, honestly I think Edey goes lottery. The talent is just so low in this draft teams might **** around and just try out Edey to see.

I wanted to take him for Portland TBH but they have that albatross Ayton contract on their hands.
There are a couple of guards I like better, but I don't think Orlando would go for another guard. They are also in win now mode, so might prefer an older prospect.

I'll go for McCullar Jr, who is just a really good all around player.
NY Knicks take Kel'el Ware. They may lose Hartenstein in FA, and their other 5s have some limitations away from the rim.