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Jazzfanz Mock Draft Exercise #1

Interesting draft. Ulrich went early. His competition was horrible but ignoring that.. you can see he has the goods. He has touch, bounce, speed, and if he gets stronger he can play center. Don't know if he can put it on the floor but in his clips he looks like he could. It has all the makings of why didn't we see this before the draft?

My dream is the Jazz draft him and he develops and we have 3 players who can play as highly skilled 3, 4, or 5 on the floor at the same time who also are very good on defense.

Sorry for the hijack, please ignore and no more follow-up.
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I did notice a slight mess up here. Toronto would be drafting 6 not the Spurs. So we need to start over lol.
When Memphis, Utah and Chicago moved up in the lottery, that pushed the Spurs' own pick to #6 and the Toronto pick to #9, which then went to the Spurs.
Oh damn... my bad. Carry the hell on. Thx for clarifying. Its nice to see the Spurs get dicked... kind of.
The spurs getting dicked would be the raptors keeping their pick because that pick won't be nearly as good next year.
Spurs own pick going to #6 and getting #9 in this draft is not the best of luck. Raps might suck again next year and then the Spurs get a pick in a better draft. I will take it.
Raps should take Da Silva or Bobi Klintman... but they can't help themselves with Ryan Dunn still out there. Dunn is the pick.