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Game Thread Jul 08, 2024 07:00pm: Grizzlies Vs Jazz (Summer League)

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Yeesh, I watched the replay of Edey's game tying putback. He's going to be so hard to keep off the glass. Had both arms out on Flip and Walker, reacted first to get into the paint, and once he moved first there was nothing Walker could do to get under him to box out.
It was a little soft. It was perfect execution but also I’d like to see him take the body to him a little harder.
I remember him boxing out hard early in the game and getting called for a foul.
Maybe that took away some of his aggression. It shouldn't have but maybe it did.

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Also, remember all the dudes on here who were obsessed with fouling when up 3 at the end of games?
I bet there are more made threes per game than offensive rebound put backs on free throws

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With 2 seconds left at full court?
Wait, the jazz intentionally fouled a guy with 2 second left 90 feet from the basket?

If you think that is what people are speaking when they say you should foul when up 3 at the end then you would be wrong. No one thinks that is a good idea

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Gonna need Key to pass it more as I suspect he won’t be getting 19 FTs a game in the regular season but at least he closed it out.

Walker… good job.

Hendricks… show up earlier.

Brice… dribble less or dribble better.

Collier… not bad for game 1.

Cody… what would you say you do here?

Flip… make the ball go in the basket.

Kenny… play more.
Good summary.
I'm sad I missed Hendricks showing up. He did very little when I was watching

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I would add a 2025 pick to Kessler to get Edey on the Jazz.
That ship left the harbor... it was likely not available though. Andy was on Spence Checketts yesterday or the other day and mentioned that the FO was a little split on him and I get the feeling if they had a decent offer they would have taken int.
I’m just telling you… it won’t be an issue. He’s got great self control.
Plus he doesn't need to jump or bring his arms down with that size. Just stay on the floor and stay vertical and dudes will have a hard time scoring around him

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Too much fun! Another hope against hope that Danny lets us compete this year. Convey the damn pick already, we have two more first rounders coming in already next year and we’ve run out of throw away players to make room!

Gets off soap box! (I just want to compete, and I know damn well that Hardy and the boys are also onboard with that.)
Danny has already done his best to have us not compete next year.
If you thought that was fun imagine having an actual stud with hall of fame potential on the SL roster next year.

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Yeesh, I watched the replay of Edey's game tying putback. He's going to be so hard to keep off the glass. Had both arms out on Flip and Walker, reacted first to get into the paint, and once he moved first there was nothing Walker could do to get under him to box out.
edey played a near perfect game outside of the 6 fouls. he was unstoppable on offense (they should have gone to him more often, but dudes have to get theirs in SL), elite on the boards and spectacular defensively. he had 4 or 5 blocks, but altered several others, intimidated dudes near the rim and caused the guys to kick out when they never would have considered it had he not been there. some of that won't translate great to real nba play, but edey will absolutely be a factor in the league for a long time and at worst will be a top 5 player from this draft.
I just dont get going overboard about a guy taking too many shots in SL. It's not like Keyonte was missing open players (didnt re-watch, maybe I'm wrong). Hendricks/Williams didnt like they could do anything with the ball in the half-court. Sensabaugh was a TO machine and Walker is Walker (and Keyonte did find him once or twice). I didnt groan at too many Keyonte shots. He took a lot, but he was getting himself open.

Collier had some nicer drive and kick here and there, but he actually missed wide open players.
Collier and Williams both had some rough moments for sure - but for me, what I was hoping to see was the flashes of the #1 recruit from a year ago. I feel like those flashes were there. Jazz need talent, and Collier and Cody both just ooze potential. It was nice to see it in action. Now let’s see how he follows it up the rest of the summer.
I mean Kessler is the best rim protector in the league…
I think his point was let's see how he does guarding a 5 out lineup which Kessler isn't really a part of.
Edey may struggle on a guy like horford when going against Boston.

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I think Keyonte is dreaming every night that he is Kobe. I am not sure that this is fixable.
It's a double edged sword. Confidence is a great thing........ But you have to back it up.
The thing I liked least wasn't necessarily all the chucking of tough well defended shots, but all the unnecessary fancy dribble in the face of tight pressure.

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I pray the Jazz bring in Tyus Jones or Fultz to run the team. Neither are good enough to ruin the tank, but can run a team so it actually has structure (Hit Rolling Kessler, kick out to Hendricks in corner, find a slashing rookie, etc). If we roll out Sexton and Keyonte as the guards we are hurting development (and it will suck to watch).
I saw keyonte run a team well and set up teammates etc in the early part of last season.
He had 11 assists 3 different games in the first 21 games. He had a total of 3 turnovers in 21 games! That is insane!

In the last 62 games he never reached double digit assists. His turnovers went crazy at the end of the season ( he was averaging like 4-5 turnovers per game the 20 ish games) And those first 20 games he was only getting about 25 ish minutes per game. It's almost like he was coached to be a chucker.

His minutes exploded around the 55 game mark. Probably averaged about 33 minutes per game from that point on. Became way more selfish. Had a game with 43 minutes and 4 assists and 5 turnovers. Just looking at those last 30 or so games and roughly estimating I would guess he was averaging about 5 or 6 assists per game and 4-5 turnovers per game.

Hopefully they try to get him to play like he started last season but judging from last night it's the opposite.

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Hendricks looks like there's a lot of thinking going on. His upside is big if he can figure the game out.
It looked like in the first half he was trying to incoperate all of the coaches notes. At the end he was just playing basketball and defending dudes. He plays better like that.
People understand that what Memphis was doing wouldn't actually fly during a real NBA game, right? Half that team should have been fouled out in the first half. They were clutching, grabbing, and mugging. There was a reason the Jazz had a hard time bringing up the ball. Keyonte should have went to the line even more than he did. I was actually impressed that the Jazz players adjusted to the contact and made a comeback in the manner that they did. They aren't really built for thug ball, and that type of play isn't generally allowed in the league.
That's fair but when he wasn't getting fouled he was chucking up shots and missing them.

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