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Game Thread Jul 10, 2024 07:00pm: 76ers Vs Jazz (Summer League)

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Keyonte - Most talented player at the event, is able to do things most of these guys can only dream of doing. Frustrating decision making, terrible defense.

Kessler - Major force in the paint tonight

Hendricks - Great game, played with more intensity on both ends.

Snell - Cardio bunny

Collier - Fantastic summer league. Decision making sometimes shaky. Plays hard on both ends.

Flip - Nervous AF on offense, but showed why he was a good prospect.

Bazley - 10/10 hustle effort again

McCain - This guy played??
Good summary

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We will probably get several quality role players on the cost-controlled contracts out of it - this is a good outcome. Getting a future star with low-lottery picks or worse is hard, that's why Ainge keeps collecting them.
I think that's about what we've got, which isn't a bad outcome at all. But we need to be patient and embrace the suck to increase the chances on those dart throws. As OKC and Philly proved, there's nothing wrong with being shameless about sucking.
Not worried a bit about Cody or Kyle. Their shooting woes are an outlier and just reflect their adjustments to a new environment with new faces and the weight of expectation. They both had flashes and more importantly displayed unflappable poise when it mattered most.