Just how original is the story in Star Wars?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lord Bullingdon, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Feb 9, 2013
    I have seen for example Quentin Tarrantino's feet held to the fire for basically remixing other ppls **** puff daddy style, the most blatant example to me is Reservoir dogs. One might argue its his style is to tip his cap to old films, but I mean just ask Ennio Morricone...

    Reservior dogs, for the record, is a remix of "City on Fire" -- all u need to know is the basic plot of this and you'll know its a rip... Then he took elements from noir stuff like Kubrick's The Killing, and also there's clearly a correlation with the dialogue and the way the dialogue carries on in "Kansas City Confidential", thats where he ripped the whole idea of Mr Pink, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange type of thing, In Kansas City confidential there's a very similar 'masking' process between the criminals.

    You can't convince me that in The Hateful Eight, that the poisioning scene, isn't pretty much a direct rip from Japanese film Battle Royale from 2001. Which Tarrantino once said is his favorite movie made post-2000... If u put those scenes side by side, not saying their symmetrical or anything but u will see they unfold in nearly an identical fashion...

    PPL get really defensive about Tarrantino but they usually havent seen a single thing of what I just mentioned, and therefore have no legs to stand on in a counter-argument...
    Recently I read the entire catalogue of Carlos Castaneda, who's books were said to inspire George Lucas, and to me It's clearly like a puff daddy style remix... specifically obi-wan and luke's relationship is a direct rip from the main relationship in the books... the whole idea of the force seems to be derrived from this... and then further you have yoda, it's like the same exact tone of dialogue except.... remixed...

    Then ofc the other part of the starwars story rip comes from old Japanese Films, Akira Kurosawa Rashomon, Yojimbo, The Seven Samurai type stuff...

    A wise man once said "The secret to creativity is hiding your sources"... I would highly reccomend the Castenada books, the dialogue that carries on between luke and yoda/obi-wan is just watered down in comparison...
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    As a student of creative writing I can tell you that every plot follows one of several known forms. I remember a discussion that there are 36 different plots and every story follows one of them, just with different details. Kurt Vonnegut wrote and spoke on this a lot. Here's an article about it with computational analysis.


    This one says there are 6 major plot forms in general.

    Of course the creativity comes in how the author fills them out, how they build the characters, how they get you to form an emotional connection to the story. Even if someone blatantly rips off another story, like Tarantino, they most often will generate a different emotional response. So in that sense they are still on some level creative works on their own merit.
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    May 26, 2010
    Aside from cutting edge technology (at the time) and a couple of good acting appearances, Star Wars is really a bad film.
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    IAWTP a lot. I’d even go so far as to say if Ford alone wasn’t in it, the film would be boring as hell. His natural presence brought the sense of humor and adventure and life the story sorely needed.
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    There is nothing new under the sun, and certainly not in regard to the basics of dramatic media.
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    Yeah but it's a good mythology. That's what pulls people in. And at the time it was just so different from anything people had seen. It definitely has it's place in the Pantheon.
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