Kanter or Olynyk


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I've seen Olynyk play a few times and he doesn't impress me at all. He's slow and soft in the paint.

At best, he'll be a decent jump shooting big man off the bench.


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Olynyk looked real smooth in the post, a lot of moves, a la Kevin McHale, though probably not as athletic. A lot better than I expected, and he can shoot the 3, which is something McHale couldn't do.


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Ask your mom.

I asked loserslose's mom last night. She said as a rookie she'd pick Olynyk. But after seeing what Kanter can turn into (ie, sophmore return), Kanter by far.

I didn't find it wise to pick Olynyk under any circumstances, but she's a die hard Gonzaga fan, and she knows the game better than I expected.

Sorry about the bathroom incident, loserslose. If it makes you feel any better, I've seen smaller.

Saint Cy of JFC

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Kanter most likely.

Olynyk was a beast in SL, but remember he is a 5 year college player (I think he red-shirted once during his career).