Lakers' quotes-"Lonzo ball. King of the triple single"

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by JazzAvenues, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Aug 26, 2014

    Wow No PGs at all for the Jazz

    Utah is 8 point favorites which is ********

    Gobert makes Mcgee look small

    Why does Mitchell keep winking?

    **** these refs. **** them so hard

    Mitchell doing whatever he wants on us. Gotta stop him !

    Ingles looks like a chemistry teacher

    I really don't like the Utah Jazz. I don't know what it is about that franchise that rubs me the wrong way. I remember D Fish wanting to leave them so he could better medical care for his daughter in LA. When he returned to Utah in a Laker uniform they boo the guy. Classless fans. One other thing. Their coach looks like a zombie.

    Suffocating defense. They haven't allowed a single fastbreak points. Every points earned is thru half court set.

    korver has gotten every single benefit of the doubt call this freakin game- you look at him, its a foul.

    the jazz have gotten every single effing call its disgusting

    PRAISE BE!!!!

    Damn these Jazz are well coached

    Jazz are doing what every team should be doing vs the Lakers, stop them getting freebies on fast breaks and let them try and beat you with that pathetic half court game

    Freaking Gobert...

    Looks like Donovan Mitchell got tired hearing all of the Kuz talk

    Difference with Mitchell and the Lakers 'young core' is Mitchell isn't a (bleep) scared to get blocked at the rim. He takes it to aggressive to the chest of the defender and gets often rewarded with free throws.

    Damn, Snyder putting out the blueprint going forward to beat this Lakers team, even with LeBron.

    Can Magic relieve Luke as a coach at the half?

    Utah Jazz are all smiles headed to the lockerroom.. this is so lame

    I wouldn't want to play Utah in the play-offs, they're well equipped to deal with the one thing Lakers are absolutely atrocious at.

    Where is Luke's gameplan? He's been abused right now by Snyder.

    Joe Ingles is everything BI should be were he to maximize his slowness via passing, shooting, driving, etc.

    The best way to play the Jazz is small ball

    Put Beasley in the center position and draw Gobert out of the paint. Creates driving lanes for Kuz and BI

    Can we draw some fouls on Gobert and get him out?

    Jazz let Kuz score and their coach immediately calls a TO

    Mitchell is just so much better than Lonzo, we blew that draft...

    Kuz getting blocked by Mitchell what a joke

    It's like this Jazz team is made to counter the Lakers. They literally stopped everything that the Lakers excel at: fastbreaks and lobs. I'd rather face GSW than the Jazz in the playoffs. Seriously.

    Mitchel in the conversation for ROTY.,...

    Ingles looks like he has seven kids. The youngest is 23

    Don't get me wrong, the Lakers aren't playing well, but the fix is in...

    We saw Synder's gameplan early and it worked. The guy knows how to coach

    Mitchell is on a hot streak. This Utah team is scary when they could find a way to score.

    Joe Ingles is inside his head. Funny how Joe was completely non existent when we crushed them with Lebron earlier this year

    Gobert a french ***** flopping *** bitch

    can they stop fouling 3 pters?

    Ingles looks like his breath stinks.

    Fouling Korver is not a good idea

    Lakers get a majority of their points in the paint. Utah has DPOY Gobert in the paint. Lakers struggle in offense ‍♂️ If there was any game planning for this game (which it doesn’t look like there was) that should’ve been something to focus on

    These guys play defense. We can’t get squat inside and can’t get a stop to get out in transition either.

    What a horrendous second quarter. 7 minutes without a stinking field goal. Jazz getting anything and everything while the Lakers struggling just to get past the 3 point line. Figured this would happen with the Jazz missing 6 of their players.

    Is everyone in Utah white? It's unbelievable and this is coming from a white guy.

    Geez. You'd get more of a mixed crowd in Canada.

    Ingles is that guy everyone underestimates at the gym then regrets not picking him up on their squad and is reminded to never judge a book by its cover since he picked the guy who wore all the dope gear on the court.

    Downvote me if you want, but I’m not sure that Kuzma’s strategy of shooting bad shots until he gets hot is going to work in the playoffs/against good teams. Every possession matters in the playoffs

    I wish we had Qynn Snyder as coach

    Free cocaine

    Dude looks like Wall Street hustler

    Game summary: Mitchell is killing Hart. McGee is killing the Lakers.

    That Utah crowd is loud as ****

    why this team passed up on Mitchell I will never know........

    See people saying that Mitchell has taken a step back. He missed some bunnies, some easy ones today. But his offense ALWAYS looks assuring. His scoring ability looks effortless and natural. Hard to say that about any other Laker not named LeBron or Kuzma.

    Somone ask Quin Snyder if Lonzo can have some of his cocaine

    And of course now the game is decided, we start getting soft calls so the refs can even up the free throw disparity a bit

    Donovan Mitchell, 13th draft pick 2017:
    14/24- 33 points, 4 rebs, 9 assists, 2 blocks, 1 steal

    Lonzo Ball, 2nd draft pick 2017:
    3/13- 7 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals

    Lakers young core sticking to their plan of scaring the Pelicans away from a trade

    So it's Royce O'Neal dropping a career high and 3pt record on us tonight

    How did Hart just get BLOWN BY from Joe

    I need to bleach my eyes after that insipid display

    If you take out Ingram our starters shot 24.4%

    What the actual **** lol.

    I know Mitchell was really good, but they lost because of Golbert. They missed so many points in the paint, and got scared of charging the basket.
    edit: and also the Lakers bad Defense.

    How many ****ing times did Donovan Mitchell outplayed this overrated 2nd over all pick son of Lavar SHUT THE **** UP IDIOTS

    Lonzo ball. King of the triple single

    Everyone fouling 3pt shooters and as soon as Lonzo went out the energy was lackluster

    Jazz were missing half the team and they still got blown out. not good

    So Lebron is gone after 2 more years. The 4th year on his deal is a player option and he obviously won't be picking that up.

    So what really is the point here? Lakers have ZERO chance of winning the title in the next 2 years so what is all of this for?

    Utah is great defensively. We aren’t exactly great offensively.

    gobert is reigning DPOY, they are on the road, the refs sucked, No LeBron or Rondo to calm things down, and Walton is an idiot.

    Not surprised we lost because the Jazz are a horrible matchup for the Lakers even if they're missing key players.

    It’s also the reason OKC lost to them in the playoffs and we play a similar style. The Lakers get 57.7% of their points in the paint (4th in the league) where they shoot 65% in the restricted area (7th in the league) and they shoot near the bottom percentile everywhere else. The Jazz absolutely feast on that kind of offense, especially with a defensive behemoth like Rudy Gobert patrolling the paint along with other defensive personnel like Favors. You’re not going to score at the basket unless you have someone who is elite at getting to the rim and the Lakers don’t have anyone outside of LeBron. They’ve had the best defensive rating in the NBA since the end of November and play a slow, methodical style meant to derail teams that rely on transition fastbreak points like the Lakers.

    That’s where our nonexistent half-court offense came into play, which is a major issue. There’s just too much isolation and not enough off-ball movement. There’s no attacking from the weakside or screens to get shooters loose. It got so bad that we watched Javale throw up a 3 pointer. It was puzzling that players kept trying to difficult, contested shots at the rim when that’s just not going to work against the Jazz. The fact that Lonzo was in foul trouble also meant we had no real playmaker left on the court, exacerbating the whole situation.

    For all the crap people have been spewing about Donovan Mitchell and his inefficiency this season, he’s been averaging 27/5/4 on 50/58/80 over the past 5 games. He’s started adjusting to the defensive attention placed on him and we don’t have players that can stop someone as quick as him. The screen action with Gobert was effective time and time again because Gobert’s a physical screener who creates tons of spacing and room while even our defenders generally have difficulty navigating through screens.

    Overall, I just think the Jazz are a nightmare matchup and are the perfect counter to this team’s playstyle and personnel.


    Korver's quick release is insane, true elite shooter

    Everyone knows we are a poor shooting team. Gobert affected everything in the paint. He was the main factor for our poor offensive showing. I already had this game as a loss without LeBron, so it went as I had expected. Okay maybe a little worse. If we can’t score inside then we are going to loose. Utah had it going. We didn’t. Moving on. I predict we go 2-2 over the next four games without LeBron.

    The Jazz are playing some serious team defense. Their offense is looking good, too. Without Rubio etc.

    Ingles is a gem. I’d love him on the Lakers.
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    Feb 10, 2013
    Lakers fans complaining about the refs? Cry me a ****ing river.
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    Dec 13, 2011
    Right. **** the Lakers and their bitch *** fans. Chumps.
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  4. RJF

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    May 29, 2010
    Fisher lied you ignorant ****s.
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    Nov 27, 2016
    "See people saying that Mitchell has taken a step back. He missed some bunnies, some easy ones today. But his offense ALWAYS looks assuring. His scoring ability looks effortless and natural. Hard to say that about any other Laker not named LeBron or Kuzma."

    "Lonzo ball. King of the triple single". Lol.
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    Dec 13, 2011
    Yes he did. But some of the responses he got were ******** as well. Like those two dumbass girls covering their eye. Hammer Fisher all day long, *******. Leave his cancer stricken daughter out of it.
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    Nov 4, 2010
    King of the triple single is ****ing hilarious

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    Jun 24, 2010
    This didn't happen.
  9. Stoked

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    Dec 13, 2011
    From every thing I had read yes it did.
  10. nateboz

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    May 26, 2010
    Why does Mitchell keep winking? Hahah I've noticed that too.

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  11. Stoked

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    Dec 13, 2011
    He’s just ****in with people. A more subtle form of Ingles mouth lol
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    May 21, 2013
    In addition to the triple single, Lakers fans have The Lonzo where the FG% + 3pt% + FT% = <100% lmao
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    Dec 27, 2010
    I know, LBJ is out and and we’re only 8 point faves?!
    I don’t need to know what you do in your own time. Keep that to your self please!
    The only way you could stop him was to draft him over Ball, but you didn’t, and you ain’t stopping him.
    Let me give you a history lesson. Fisher’s daughter had cancer, her doctor WAS IN NEW YORK!!! Fisher told the great late Larry H. He wanted out of Utah to be closer to his girls doc, he then preceded to move further away, so ya... he got his *** booed. Class dismissed!! Idiot!
    What Kuz talk?
    The one thing?
    To blow a draft, you have to have a terrible pick. That was a franchise killing pick.
    Who is this Mitchel you speak of. Kinda close to Mitchell, hmmmm
    Your forgetting Kuz, and Ball and McGee. Poor McGee.
    That’s my line thank you very much. Your thing is whining. Idiot!!
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  14. Tak

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    May 26, 2016
    I don't remember the girls covering their eyes. I remember the girls with the "Fisher lied" shirts, and the pic of 1 guy covering his eye during a free throw that was never checked if he was really mocking Fisher's daughter or not, but of course all the people and media took it as a sure thing and a reason to pile on those "disrespectful" Utah fans.
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  15. Stoked

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    Dec 13, 2011
    There certainly is a rep.

    Speaking of fans, what ever happened to “Doc”? He’d sit behind the basket and he had a ton of props. Like that rubber squeaky chicken? Haven’t heard him mentioned in a couple seasons.
  16. Ostertag>Duncan

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    May 26, 2010
    That's not even accurate dude. Your mixing their Fisher lied shirts with some random snapshot of a guy supposedly covering his eye during the game.
  17. Stoked

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    Dec 13, 2011
    That’s possible but I’m pretty sure I saw them covering an eye during that game.

    But there were still enough reports in all that crap then I bet some assholes did it.

  18. Gameface

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    May 25, 2010
    I've seen "doc" a few times. He's looking pretty wobbly these days. He doesn't have a lot of time left.
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  19. Sandman822

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    Jul 7, 2015
    2019 Mitchell is a real thing boys and girls, and I love every moment of it.
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    May 27, 2010
    This. If we play devil’s advocate and say he did it, then he’s an *******, but the evidence to say that’s what happened is so damn weak. 19k fans and we’ve got a large stadium shot and 1 of 19k people has his hand over an eye in one frame — we have no other frames. How many dots do you have to connect on that? Babe’s conspiracy theories are much more cogent than the kind of paranoid fantasy you have to engage in to believe that.

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