League pass problems?


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I live in Tennessee and League Pass is the only way I can legally watch the Jazz.
We don't have cable or satellite TV so we watch online. Usually we watch on Xbox with the NBA App or online on PC off of NBA.com site.
Last year I had the team pass and quality was spotty at best. Buffering issues abounded. Nevertheless, I was at least able to see all the games that weren't blackout games (Don't get me started on blackouts.)
This year the NBA was supposedly revamping League Pass so that it was actually the premium quality they make you pay for. So far, it's a pain in my ample rear,

The good:
Video quality is ten times better this year. I actually get full HD which is great.
Watching the game live on XBOX gives me the arena feed. NO commercials. We get to watch Bear's tricks and the halftime show. Fantastic but, likely, a glitch in the app that the NBA is desperately trying to fix.
Watching a replay game was even cooler because commercial breaks were skipped as well as halftime. WOW. (Again, a likely glitch.)

The bad:
Watching live on Xbox there is no way to pause or rewind the game. There is only play live or stop. Last year it was easy to start the game an hour after tipoff from the beginning and skip past commercial breaks if wanted. (And we did because the broadband ads are the same two repeated over and over.)
Watching on NBA.com there is no way to watch the game without seeing the score first. Even on past games. It's crazy. Why spoil the game?? There used to be a league pass link where I could go to log in and not have to see this.
Another mess watching on NBA.com is that at least for the Portland game, I could not choose which announcers. I could choose on Xbox but not be able to watch from the beginning or watch online from Portland's perspective with the current score staring at me.

Customer service still sucks. During the LA game I tried to contact NBA League pass, thinking there may be an issue with the XBOX and NBA.com apps that could perhaps be resolved. The hold time was tremendous so I tried the online chat. IT took thirty minutes to talk to a rep and when I explained the issues with the XBOX App, they said reinstall it. I did with no change and they said. "Sorry, I don't know why this is an issue." When I asked about NBA.com, they said "Currently there is no way to access without seeing scores." and "Not all broadcasts are available on NBA.com" When I asked why they were available on other apps and not their own site, they said. "I don't know. It is possible that could be fixed in the future."
This morning I received an email from NBA.com regarding my question. This is what it said:

Response By Email (Armellia) (10/29/2016 11:12 AM)
I am sorry but i do not know the answer to why they change the rewind
Thank you for contacting NBA LEAGUE PASS Support. Your comments are extremely important to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I will forward your note to the appropriate product manager for review and consideration.



To cap it off, today we were unable to watch the game live from the beginning. So we waited until a half hour after the game was over to try and watch the game. It was unavailable. Until now. 11:16 and it just popped up as available to watch. All the games on league pass had a huge delay after the live airing today.
If crap like this continues to happen, I . . . well, nothing I can do is there? Not since I want to watch the Jazz more than I want my money back. And I don't want to watch crappy illegal live streams.

Anyway, I post this here because there is literally nowhere else online where someone will care (NBA League Pass does not have a forum. Idiots.) and I needed to vent.

Anyone else have the same frustrating experience?

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It's common knowledge that League Pass is an abomination of technical and intuitive hackery.

The concept of region blackouts should tell you enough that you should give the finger to the service, but those who decide to take the dive and come across the problems are still bewildered how something at that price can be so dysfunctional. I definitely hadn't heard of a regression in features, but certainly wouldn't put it past the league for sorting that.

True sauce, you get a better price and package by signing up for International League Pass through a VPN, but that kind of monkeying around they require from their customers should be indicative of what they think about you and your money.

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the lack of options to view Jazz games is a joke, and from a technical standpoint, the NBA has a long way to go. the new NBA site for example is terrible and don't even get me started with league pass. The NBA is a multi Billion dollar company and yet they don't seem to care about this side of their operation. Personally, I just think whoever designed or signed off on NBA.com and league pass might be a complete moron and that's speaking euphemistically. Adam Silver needs to hire someone who knows what the hell he or she is doing and thereby improve the brand and Fan experience.

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"Watching a replay game was even cooler because commercial breaks were skipped as well as halftime. WOW. (Again, a likely glitch.)"

After a few hours after the game the commercials are always removed for me, and have been for years.


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I rarely have problem with NBALP and I've had it almost 20 years now (1998). I will say my needs are very minimal. I don't watch replays very often, I watch maybe a handful of games online a year - I have no problem with watching the game when it's live on my TV. One of the advantages of living on the East Coast is the games don't typically start until 9pm EST so whatever I need to do by game time is usually done. The HD on Verizon is so-so. That's my only complaint.

I will say when I lived in Texas LP was a nightmare - my carrier would just indiscriminately black out games to save on bandwidth - some games would just change channels or even on a couple of occasions go dark in the middle of the game. And customer service is a nightmare wherever you are.


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I have league pass (again), and I ****ing hate it. The recent changes make it worse.

NBA.com is the worst site of any major sports league, and it isn't close.

Glad the revenues are at an all-time high!


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You thought Mickey Mouse would let you cancel your cable subscription?
****, you don't know Mickey Mouse.



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I'm not glad that everyone else had the same problem but at least I know it wasn't related to anything wrong on my laptop or ROKU


I watched via PS4 last year. I ran into a few issues where I wouldn't have access to the games through the PS4 until later in the game (sometimes an hour delay) but it always worked on my computer. I could rewind and fast forward at all times on all devices.

I watch via Dish now, and am glad I don't have to worry about the online streaming issues. I did stream a preseason game via computer, and noticed that I could not FF or rewind. Really strange. Haven't tried through the PS4 this year.

Just tried an archived game through my PC, FF and rewind were both available. Maybe someday they'll get it right.

Last year via ps4 the quality was good, and I very very rarely had skipping/buffering (maybe once every other game). FWIW, I only have a 100mbps internet connection.

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LP is ********. I miss ballstreams so much. I will never pay for League Pass, especially with how much it cost now. It was a crappy product when it was reasonably priced and I've heard it's just as crappy since they have hiked cost.


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I get blacked out from Jazz games even though I'm in Denver's market, living in Nebraska. It's linked to my IP address, even though that is also located in Nebraska. Makes no sense. Been trying to get it fixed through customer support for the last few weeks. Nothing so far.

Sucks man.

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