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Let's Go Rudy & Mike

I think wolves would be so much better if they had a young centre , about 5 first round draft picks

Denver are playing with them
I think they should stay open to the possibility of having a young center.
Rudy make a decent job today. Jokic get 4 fouls already and have an average night. But Rudy seems to have lost some of his defense skill this year. Getting old, lack of confidence?......
KAT is biggest reason why Minnesota is underwhelming. 8/27 from the field through 2 games and 4.5 turnovers per game is terrible too.

Minnesota really should look to trade him this off-season. They could be a top defensive team next year if they did that. Get a secondary scoring option who can play defense.
Yep. I was saying all season how i wanted him to get healthy and play so they would lose more lol.
They reek. Could have at least done something useful with their season and given us another lottery spin. Smh
This is kinda funny but seriously what was the point of going all in for the 8-seed?

I think there’s a 50/50 chance they tank their asses off next year. They honestly should (remember, the Jazz own their draft for the following 3 years). Trade KAT for picks this year and/or young players so they have something to develop while they get their asses handed to them. See if you can parlay Conley into anything future-facing whatsoever. And, maybe just eat some humble pie and see if you can even trade Gobert too (though I get the feeling he is totally untradeable right now).
That whole Minny team has to dig a little deeper into the depths of humility to have a chance..
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Great start from Minny. And Rudy look good. They are short of players and will probably end to lose but it's nice to watch.
Rudy anf Mike season is over. Was a great battle in this game, lot of grind but the best team win. Minny was too short of players to compete.
I'm genuinely curious. Why would we trade Lauri?
He is young enough to fit into our current rebuild. He is a unique and coveted talent that fits into the mold of what wins championships these days.
He has been able to grow and show his true talents here. He doesn't show any signs of discontent.

So if our picks "get somehow screwed up" why trade him?
I didn't forget to answer you. It's just I've got no answer yet :rolleyes: