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Game Thread Mar 06, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bulls

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They're a lot of empty seats tonight. DA is going to find out that life is too short to root for losers.
I knew Clarkson was going to blow that possession lol.

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I gotta say, competitive games are so much more fun! If we win, I guess that's the price you pay for wanting it to be close.
Agreed. I really don't like tanking.
I was totally prepared to tank at the beginning of last season but it's not very fun.
I really hope we get back to winning next season and make the playoffs

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DeRozan iso-ing on back to back possessions against the only good Jazz defender on the court was certainly a choice.
Sexton best volume 3pt shooting game of his career probably
Career high is 11 3 point attempts in a game

10 tonight so far so pretty dang close. Maybe he has one more in him

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