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Game Thread Mar 22, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Trail Blazers

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Hilarious how every time people try to prove the Jazz are tanking they do a very non-tanking thing.
I called off the tank… it’s over. We gonna show Dame the team he can play with when he decides to get serious and wants to win.

Sexton and Clarkson are still out and Lauri is questionable.
They just need to keep them all out until they are unquestionably healthy. Period. This season more than any other in recent history there is ZERO reason to even slightly rush anyone back. Hell send them to a spa in Cancun for the next 2 weeks. If we get into the playoffs, they come back rested and ready to roll.
Ya im rooting for playoffs. Im really really rooting to see Sexton on the court again.
Yeah I know some speculate him being out because of shenanigans.. but I have said it before and say it again... we need him to develop/prove/build value.

He really hasnt gotten proper run as the starter apart from the early season Conley injury.
Blazers are playing awful lately and Grant and Simons are out. I have a hard time seeing us losing this one, especially with Lauri back.