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Game Thread Mar 25, 2023 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings

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Kessler is my biggest shock this season. Seeing Laurie play well in the summer leagues made this year not all that surprising. But this Kessler kid. Damn! And he’s a rookie.
I wish we could take all the credit for Laurie blowing up, but truth is he mostly did it himself. Kessler kinda feels the same, but in a way that nobody believed he could transition his talents from the college level to the NBA. I'm sure our coaches helped, but they deserve recognition for their individual work.
Great night for Kessler. I wonder if Thurl sees him?
I think we had won this with Lauri. Absolutely vital to get him back for Monday. We can trust in Kid Kessler and him to be consistent. Everyone else not so much.

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