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Game Thread Mar 25, 2023 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings

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We likely don't get into the play-ins, but this team is crazy fun to watch regardless.
No quit. Always fighting. They’re a scrappy team and will only get better moving forward. Especially with an infusion of talent - which is what I see DA focusing on this offseason. This is a one year semi-tank.

Get a top 10 pick, make some noise with an interesting FA pickup or surprising trade and then go big-game hunting for another star to team up with Kessler & Markkanen.
play-ins still a legit possibility though if Lauri, Sexton, and JC get to play
After watching Lauri get mauled in that last game, I’m okay if they rest him more to finish out the season. I’m perfectly fine not risking a more serious injury to these guys that are nursing something right now. There’s no downside to letting them get all the way healthy before they go back out there. Don’t rush anything right now.
I missed the game, but just checked the most important boxscore info: Kessler's blocks. Looks like he only got one. Sad to see him mailing it in like that at the end of the season. I was hoping for a little more out of him tonight. . .
The value of our own is still the most important one. It gives us the best opportunity to land a cheap star to help team up with Markkanen and Kessler.
Hardy seems to like going Dunn/THT to close games but has it ever worked?
Ya I remember talking about how bad that worked the first time he tried it against Portland.