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Game Thread Mar 31, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings

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Sensabaugh had a pretty easy pass to sexton with 3 seconds left who is the fastest player on the court and who also happened to be on fire at the time and he was like, nah I'm gonna try the impossible pass to key which was stolen and led to a drive straight to the rim.

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@Saint Cy of JFC is one of your bigger draft misses Keegan Murray?
Well JHS is shooting 22% from the field! and 13% from 3! so I'm going with JHS lol. Oh and he is barely better than kessler from the free throw line at 60%.
Idk though, maybe he is a lockdown defender.

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Sensi doing too much there.

I think I might have some sensi in a bit

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With Brice I see a very good chemistry/locker room guy for us, wish I could say the same for Keyonte.
Kings have spaced the floor, and the Jazz can't guard it. Jazz getting beat on the perimeter, at the rim, and on open 3s. Fox is hunting Kessler on the perimeter, Jazz are sending help, and someone's left open.

Kings are longer than the Jazz and also more athletic at a few positions.
I can't believe we have 2 centers that would rather try and bank a layup from 1 inch away from the rim then dunking it.

All misses by the way!