Mavs Sign Trey Burke

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He’s a useful pick and roll guard... honestly if he wasn’t such a douche about it not working here he’d be an okay backup. Neto owns him doe.


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Burke was actually not bad when he played for the Mavs. Yeah, the guy has a bad attitude and his mom's a clown but he can contribute off the bench and isn't as awful as some JF posters claim. He can score and he isn't a turnover machine. He was just a bad fit for the Jazz.


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This will be his 6th team in 9 years.

Not going to lie, I was excited when we drafted him, but we were all fools.


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This is a lot like keeping tabs on your 2nd girlfriend from high school, you know, the one who wouldn't put out. Kind of stalker-ish tbpfh


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Bruh if anything he put out too much.
I’d be curious in seeing how many people saw his pic. I never actually saw “it” but someone here had his face from the picture in their avatar. Was the actual unedited picture ever really out there?