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Media Day

Ron Mexico

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this season can't come quick enough Still months of lockdown to go, we need some jingling relief
I just had an opportunity to move to Sydney. That is the fastest I have ever said no, haha. China's borders are closed but once inside everything is open. I cant go back to lockdown. Plus its a **** place, so there's that :p.


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Most years i can't wait for media day. Having a hard time getting excited this year. Probably because of the messed up year and a half we've been through with covid. I'm hoping that once preseason starts i can get into it.

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Jazz, NFL, NCAAF all going on at the same time plus perfect weather, great fishing (spawning in the rivers) and the leaves changing colors.
Great time of year. Probably the best (though I do love the spring in April and early may)
What rivers are your favorite for fishing during the spawn? I assume it has to be rivers with Browns this time of year.