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Media Day


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I can't wait for the temperature to get down to the low 70s. This has been a brutally hot summer


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No, that’s definitely true. I’m not necessarily saying Rudy should post up more, just that is not being able to offensively exploit a 6” mismatch is a coaching thing (with or without Rudy’s offensive limitations) and we’ve never shown any effort that we’re trying to or even aware of the mismatch. My suspicion is that will look the same with Whiteside, unless he goes rogue and does it, which I think would piss a certain someone off.

You can count the number of C's who actually exploit this on one hand, and those are the guys who exploit everyone in the post. Truth is, it's not really much of a mismatch. Even if you're able to get the ball to Rudy to "post up" that's an instant double team and he's going to have to pass out of it. Even if you watch Ayton against the Clippers (who had a great series btw), there are almost zero moments of him posting up smaller players. He did score a lot against smaller guys, but it was because CP3, Booker, and Cam Payne are dishing him the ball after getting dribble penetration. If Conley was playing and Mitchell wasn't, Gobert would have scored so much more. That's just a difference in how the two guards pay. Mitchell is obviously going to call his own number more and when he does make a pass it's likely a kick out to 3. He's probably one of the best in the league at throwing cross court passes to shooters but is great at dump offs to the roll man.

At the end of the day, I think it's an overblown problem anyways. We dominated on offense with or without Gobert exploiting mismatches. We we're posting 120+ offensive ratings and still losing that is not the issue. Whatever we're doing on offense is working extremely well. In general, however, I think complaining about a big man being unable to exploit a mismatch is just an old man yelling at a cloud. It doesn't happen in today's game and it's because it's not effective.