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Mock Draft Take 4

I think Cason and Ausar compliment each other pretty well. Both are elite defenders. Wallace is average size, but Ausar is elite size. Both have shown very good court awareness and play hard. Cason can shoot better from 3 and in the midrange while Ausar will be tough to stop on drives and shows flashes of a better shot. Both are very hard worker gym rats that actually love the game and want to improve. If it doesn’t work out together they will be on favorable rookie contracts that are easier to move too.
I like the idea of Ausar especially because he can be a 2 or a 3 if you want to get really big.

Do you want to include trades in this next version?
I get why guys want to make trades, but I feel like that only really works if we have each GM take specific teams and draft for them. Also, our motivations are limited to just the draft. A real GM is going to have a lot more variables to have to consider.

I’d say no trades - just make your pick when it comes up. . . but overall, I don’t care that much. I’ll roll with whatever.
Trades are fine... there will likely be 5-10+ trades during the draft. Just keep em within reason and no self dealing.