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Mock Draft Take 4

So the Jazz ended up with Ausar, Black, and Murray. However, we used all three 1st round picks this year, lost Sexton, gave up the 2027 unprotected Cavs pick, and had to take Bertrans. I'd certainly take that even if it wouldn't all be my first choice.
I dont like it. lose one of my favorite players on the team, give up a pick and take a bad contract for two non shooters and a dude. I would rather just take whoever falls to 9 (could be black. Or hendricks or wallace or Dick), take hawkins or gg or george at 16, take whoever at 28, keep our cavs pick and keep sexton and not take bad salary.

I hate how this went for the jazz.

I think Cason and Ausar compliment each other pretty well. Both are elite defenders. Wallace is average size, but Ausar is elite size. Both have shown very good court awareness and play hard. Cason can shoot better from 3 and in the midrange while Ausar will be tough to stop on drives and shows flashes of a better shot. Both are very hard worker gym rats that actually love the game and want to improve. If it doesn’t work out together they will be on favorable rookie contracts that are easier to move too.
I really doubt we would target either as is. Not as many believe.
I think if they are really going to justify moving up, to rebuild this team correctly, say for one of the twins or Whitemore whatever, they would have to blow them away in workouts, far and beyond other options they scout that are still being slept on.
Wallace to me is the most overrated guard in the lottery convo, he is not a good offensive player in the slightest ,and despite the defensive numbers, I don't believe in his defense transfer to the NBA at a level to make up for his meh offense. If they draft him I would empty my locker if I was the Finnisher.
I want to see them get only archtypes that are next to impossible to get without overpay in trades, and the types that will never come to Utah in free agency without massive contract incentives.. Wallace and Black are neither of the archetypes we will target. if we in fact were to hire Wallace or Black at all, it would be because one fell like Keldon Johnson did.