Moe Harkless!!!

Ma Jun

Knicks may waive him.

He was start4 with Blazers in 2019Playoffs West Conference.

We should try our best to sign him.


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Clippers can't sign him back, correct?

Bucks, Raptors, Celtics, Heat, Nuggets don't really have minutes for him.

I would assume that the Jazz, Mavs, Rockets, 76ers would be the winning teams in the mix. Maybe the Lakers but I doubt they have minutes for him either.


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2 things to throw water on this a bit.

a) It's by no means certain that he'll get bought out. The discussion that it's possible he could get bought out is a few days old already. Nothing new in the last day or two.

b) Rockets would seem to have a big advantage. I think they have (at least marginally) more money to spend than we do on the buyout market. And the only thing that would stand in the way of him starting there is Danuel House. Even if he didn't start, they'd probably be able to promise him all the minutes he can handle off the bench.
Your lack of brains is amazing.

Niang is much better player. Not going to happen

I laugh at you all the time too.
We could discuss Niang/Duck-Butt's negative on/off rating, but there are factors to argue against it.

Instead, look at his defense. Opponents shoot almost 10% better within 6 feet than their average with Duck Butt guarding them and over 5% overall. It is easy to see players get excited when Niang is guarding them. He is just too slow to close out. He is a net negative, and he has by a large margin the worst differential on the team.


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He can have all of Niang's minutes. A backup 5 of Mudiay, Clarkson, O'Neal, Harkless and Bradley isn't bad. Niang makes that lineup a defensive sieve.

Wes Mantooth

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Hypothetically, if he’s bought out and we sign him, does he automatically become a UFA at season’s end and we have no Bird Rights?