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Anyone know what's going on with this cat? There's obviously bigger fish to fry right now, but I'm curious if it seems like he might end up back with the Jazz next season. At one point I was hearing he was playing too well not to get big offers elsewhere, but it has been crickets so far on what I've seen. Did I miss something?


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Yeah, it's a weird situation for him. I don't think he comes back but I'm interested to see what happens. I think it matters that he was total *** in the bubble.


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I think his play was affected by his lack of minutes after Conley came back. What discouraged me about Conley was that even though he played better after he came back, the Jazz were better without him.

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The guy no doubt learned a lot playing for Snyder, in a system that's advanced compared to most other teams. His minutes were down but his shooting numbers improved. I think his year here will benefit him wherever he goes.


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The guy was a lottery pick in 2015. He was drafted ahead of Trey Lyles and Frank the Tank. His stats with the Jazz were spookily similar to Jeff Green's. He is not hideous but a lot of teams aren't wild about him either.
Given a chance he can contribute, he would do so here but he can't because of a scrub named Conley


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I really liked Mudiay through the season. I think he is more than sufficient as a 9th option on the roster and would place my vote for him over Niang any day. Jazz like Georgie though lmao

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