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NBA Mandates With Hall of Famer John Stockton, Referee Ken Mauer

lol, I find this all religious excemption to vaccination such a a bs. All religions where created by people before any vaccine was ever developed. How come religion "updated" to have excemption to vaccination? such a joke. Find it funny as well how Mauer thinks he knows more about vaccines then average person - "did my own research " crowd lol.
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A girl I knew since basically preschool through elementary school (her mom was my babysitter from 2yo to about 10yo) found me on facebook and for a little bit we were facebook friends. In the beginning of COVID it became clear they were opposed to any safeguards such as wearing masks. Well, this girl was a massive brat when we were kids. Like the brattiest little bitch I knew as a child. But through facebook I had learned that she was a former marine, was married and had a few kids.

So she bragged that she got a doctor's note so that she didn't have to wear a mask because she had asthma. She presented it as though she actually had asthma.

You cannot be in the military if you have asthma. You cannot be a badass marine if you have asthma. Bootcamp is built to do many things, but one of those things is definitely to identify and eliminate people with asthma.

Little brat didn't have asthma but had her medical exemption all the same.
“Your medical choices”
How do you feel about abortion?

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How do you feel about abortion? I think its odd how the word "abortion" is now said like it is some kind of virtue.... Abortion is pretty gross and I don't feel like its some virtuous thing. What is virtuous is allowing for body autonomy and allowing people to have the right to choose and allowing woman to have a choice and a voice. These are the real values (abortion is not a value) that liberals are now opposed to because of the vaccine narrative.

I think there are situations where people would need to have an abortion if there health or wellbeing is in danger. Rape and other circumstances that would make abortion an acceptable choice. I do think folks should have a choice but I also think there are timelines and guidelines that need further discussion (when is it too late and when is the procedure most dangerous etc).
Sticking your rusty old syringe into someone and expecting them to suffer the consequences alone without informed consent is a problem.