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NBA Playoffs

New Orleans would also be a good Bogdanovic trade destination if their pick stays at 9.

Bogey for Graham/Temple/8th pick.

Lets the Pelicans get off two terrible contracts (Graham is up there for worst mid-priced contract in basketball) and have Bogey, who would be a huge boost to their team in the immediate year. They would be stuck between a rock and a hard place on a decision to re-sign him after that, but they would have the option and he fits the team well.

Maybe giving up the 8th pick is too rich for them, but CJ McCollum isnt a spring chicken. That could be their window with a healthy Zion.

I highly doubt Bogey and his expiring contract gets us a top-10 pick back in a trade.
Lets hope NOLA can force a game 7. Game 7's are fun. To bad Minnesota blew it the other night.
I was hoping at least 1 of the 1 or 2 seeds would get knocked out. So our current clown show is somewhat out of the spotlight...
Booker has played 16 minutes toward the end of the third with 2 points. How’s he looking physically?
13-13 from the field in a playoff game. That is insane. I wonder what the all time record is for most consecutive made baskets by a player in a playoff game
Pelicans crapping the bed now