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2019 Prediction Contest Winner
WC dropped the ball so I'm the Captain now.

Round 1:

1. addictionary - Michael Jordan
2. NPC D4617 - LeBron James
3. Gandalf - Wilt Chamberlain
4. Thee Jazz Fan from spycam1 - Hakeem Olajuwon
5. ONE LOVE - Shaquille O'Neal
6. White Chocolate from UB - John Stockton
7. LogGrad98 - Kobe Bryant
8. Rgiss - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9. Spycam1 from Thee Jazz Fan - Magic Johnson
10. Ellis269 from White Chocolate - Kevin Durant
11. Ellis269 - Karl Malone
12. Hornacekamania - Tim Duncan
13. Wes Mantooth - Kawhi Leonard
14. tfivas - Stephen Curry
15. LoPo - Bill Russell
16. Spycam1 from Elan_prodigy - Larry Bird

Round 2:

17. Elan_prodigy - Kevin Garrett
18. LoPo - Scottie Pippen
19. tfivas - Dirk Nowitzki
20. Wes Mantooth - David Robinson
21. Hornacekamania - Julius 'Dr J' Erving
22. UB from White Chocolate from Ellis269 - Dwayne Wade
23. Gandalfe from White Chocolate - Charles Barkley
24. Thee Jazz Fan - Giannis Antetokounmpo
25. Rgiss - Steve Nash
26. LogGrad98 - Anthony Davis
27. Elan_prodigy from UB - Allen Iverson
28. LogGrad 98 from ONE LOVE - Rudy Gobert
29. UB from Elan_prodigy from spycam1 - Dominique Wilkins
30. gandalfe - James Harden
31. Wes Mantooth from NPC D4617 - Reggie Miller
32. addictionary - Oscar Robertson

Round 3:

33. addictionary - Bill Walton
34. NPC D4617 - Klay Thompson
35. White Chocolate from gandalfe - Ray Allen
36. Elan_prodigy from spycam1 - Tracy McGrady
37. ONE LOVE - Paul Pierce
38. NPC D4617 from Wes Mantooth from UB - Paul George
39. UB from White Chocolate from One love from LogGrad98 - Jason Kidd
40. Rgiss - Draymond Green
41. Thee Jazz Fan - Vince Carter
42. One love from White Chocolate - Gary Payton
43. White Chocolate from Ellis269 - Patrick Ewing
44. Hornacekamania - Jerry West
45. Wes Mantooth - Isiah Thomas
46. tfivas - Clyde Drexler
47. Lopo - John Havlicek
48. Elan_prodigy - Moses Malone

Round 4:

49. UB from Elan_prodigy - Manu Ginóbili
50. LoPo - Donovan Mitchell
51. tfivas - Grant Hill
52. NPC D4617 from Wes Mantooth - Dennis Rodman
53. Hornacekamania - Sidney Moncreif
54. White Chocolate from Ellis269 - Chris Webber
55. One love from White Chocolate - Shawn Kemp
56. Spycam1 from Thee Jazz Fan - Alonzo Mourning
57. Rgiss - Chris Paul
58. One Love from LogGrad98 - Chris Mullin
59. UB - Joel Embiid
60. Ellis269 from White Chocolate from ONE LOVE - James Worthy
61. spycam1 - Andre Iguodala
62. gandalfe - Tony Parker
63. NPC D4617 - Nikola Jokic
64. addictionary - Elgin Baylor

Round 5:

65. addictionary - Elvin Hayes
66. Ellis269 from Wes Mantooth from NPC D4617 - Jimmy Butler
67. gandalfe - Kevin McHale
68. Thee Jazz Fan from spycam1 - Damian Lillard
69. ONE LOVE - Mitch Richmond
70. UB - Pau Gasol
71. Loggrad98 - Chauncey Billups
72. Rgiss - Andrei Kirilenko
73. Thee Jazz Fan - Pete Maravich
74. White Chocolate - Dikembe Mutumbo
75. Wes Mantooth from Ellis269 - Joe Ingles
76. LogGrad98 from Hornacekamania - Alex English
77. Elan_prodigy from UB from Wes Mantooth - Adrian Dantley
78. tfivas - Marc Gasol
79. Lopo - Walt Frazier
80. Elan_Prodigy - Derrick Rose

Round 6:

81. Elan_Prodigy - Penny Hardaway
82. Lopo - Robert Horry
83. tfivas - Peja Stojakovic
84. White Chocolate from UB from Wes Mantooth - George Gervin
85. Hornacekamania - Artis Gilmore
86. Wes Mantooth from Ellis269 - Chris Bosh
87. White Chocolate - Deron Williams
88. White Chocolate from Ellis269 from Thee Jazz Fan - Glen Rice
89. Rgiss - Jeff Hornacek
90. Loggrad98 - Yao Ming
91. UB - Pau Millsap
92. Hornacekamania from LogGrad98 from ONE LOVE - Mark Price
93. Thee Jazz Fan from spycam1 - Ron Artest
94. gandalfe - Rick Barry
95. NPC D4617 - Dwight Howard
96. addictionary - Arvydas Sabonis

Round 7:

97. addictionary - Stephon Marbury
98. NPC D4617 - Ben Wallace
99. gandalfe - Bob Cousy
100. spycam1 - Joe Dumars
101. ONE LOVE - Tim Hardaway
102. UB - Rasheed Wallace
103. Hornacekamania from LogGrad98 - Antwan Jamison
104. Rgiss - Blake Griffin
105. Thee Jazz Fan - Shawn Marion
106. Thee Jazz Fan from Ellis269 from White Chocolate - Drazen Petrovic
107. Ellis269 from Thee Jazz Fan from Ellis269 - Nate Thurmond
108. Hornacekamania - Allan Houston
109. UB from Wes Mantooth - Baron Davis
110. tfivas - Amare Stoudemire
111. LoPo - Nate Archibald
112. Elan_prodigy - Carmelo Anthony

Round 8:

113. Elan_prodigy - Russell Westbrook
114. LoPo - Bob Pettit
115. tfivas - DeAndre Jordan
116. White Chocolate from Ellis269 from Wes Mantooth - Dale Ellis
117. Hornacekamania - DetlefSchrempf
118. Spycam1 from Thee Jazz Fan from Ellis269 - Kyrie Irving
119. Thee Jazz Fan from Ellis269 fromWhite Chocolate - LaMarcus Alridge
120. Thee Jazz Fan - Kevin Johnson
121. Rgiss - Joe Johnson
122. Loggrad98 - Rip Hamilton
123. Wes Mantooth from UB - Al Horford
124. ONE LOVE - Robert Parish
125. Elan_prodigy from spycam1 - Bob McAdoo
126. gandalfe - Mark Eaton
127. NPC D4617 - Brandon Roy
128. Wes Mantooth from addictionary - Mike Conley

Round 9:

129. addictionary - David Thompson
130. NPC D4617 - Bradley Beal
131. gandalfe - Kristaps Porzingis
132. spycam1 - Victor Oladipo
133. ONE LOVE - Larry Johnson
134. UB - Ben Gordon
135. LogGrad98 - Jrue Holiday
136. Rgiss - Derrick Favors
137. Ellis269 from Thee Jazz Fan - Marques Johnson
138. White Chocolate - Elton Brand
139. Ellis269 - John Wall
140. Hornacekamania - Memo Okur
141. addictionary from Wes Mantooth - Ralph Sampson
142. tfivas - Gilbert Arenas
143. Lopo - Willis Reed
144. Spycam1 from Elan_Prodigy - Marcus Camby

Round 10:

145. Spycam1 from Elan_prodigy - Kevin Love
146. LoPo - Jerry Sloan
147. tfivas - Tony Allen
148. addictionary from Wes Mantooth - Earl Monroe
149. LogGrad98 from Hornacekamania - Latrell Sprewell
150. Ellis269 - Bobby Jones
151. Ellis269 from White Chocolate - Glenn Robinson
152. Ellis269 from Thee Jazz Fan - Kyle Lowry
153. Rgiss - Danny Granger
154. LogGrad98 - Bill Lambier
155. Wes Mantooth from UB - CJ McCollum
156. ONE LOVE - Jamal Mashburn
157. spycam1 - Rashard Lewis
158. gandalfe - Sam Jones
159. NPC D4617 - Bruce Bowen
160. Wes Mantooth from addictionary - Khris Middleton
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I'm not here to defend White Chocolate, far from it but this is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum...


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Are you totally done with the nursery biz? Like totally in Thailand for good now? How’s that going?
Yeah 6 more months left on the lease here bro, will be moving to bkk permanently beginning of next year. Hit me up if you're travelling there.


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2019 Prediction Contest Winner
With the 1st pick in the 2019 All Time Draft, addictionary selected....

This is not your usual guy from the streets that had to fight his way through the gangs to the NBA. He was raised in a fine middle class family, got good education. His main motivation has always been competition, beating someone, bad. 4th child of 5 kids, his first crush was baseball. Then his father nailed a rim to their garden. And he started going against his brother Larry every day. It started from those days, that this man was obsessed with competition.

This man made his restaurant reservations with the name Leroy Smith to avoid celebrity attention. Smith was the player picked to High School instead of him. Imagine the mindset of this person.

He was invited to North Carolina's summer camp when he grew up 12 cm's. Roy Williams, one of Dean Smith's assistants back then said "I think we are watching the best 1.95 player of all time here".

Bobby Knight, the coach of the olympic USA team already called him possibly the GOAT in the time when he was picked. He was a product of the golden era of basketball. Always had to go against the best. Proven himself. Made Larry Legend say it was God disguised as Jordan. Crashed the Bad Boys Jordan Rules wall. Always fought back to come better after each struggle. He was selected DPOY one season after getting called as not good defensively. He was obsessed about competing and winning so bad that it is historically monumental.

He made Magic say there is a new Sherrif in town after the infamous scrimmage of the original Dream Team. He rejected staying on bench when he was injured.

He never lost 3 straight games since 0-3 start in 1991.Never missed a playoff game, played in all of the 179 games. 119-60 record.
Played 82 games when he was 40 years old.
He missed only a total of 7 games during his time with the Chicago Bulls (1988-1998), excluding 1993-1995 season where he announced his first retirement.

He led the league in scoring between 87-98 and it would start from 85 if he did not break his foot in 86.

None of the 179 playoff games he had included a single-digit scoring game.

He is one of the 3 players in history to win both DPOY and Finals MVP.

He made the game on many levels what it is today.

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2019 Prediction Contest Winner
With the 2nd pick, NPC D4617 selected....

Lebron James

Soon to be the only man to accomplish the....

40k 10k 10k
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2019 Prediction Contest Winner
With the 3rd pick, Gandalfe selected The single most dominant player in NBA history. The Big Dipper, Goliath, the Stilt.

Career statistics
31,419 (30.1 ppg)
Rebounds 23,924 (22.9 rpg)
Assists 4,643 (4.4 apg)

Chamberlain holds 72 NBA records, 68 by himself. Among his records are several that are considered unbreakable, such as averaging 22.9 rebounds for a career or 50.4 points per game in a season, scoring 100 points or 55 rebounds in a single game, scoring 65 or more points 15 times, 50 or more points 118 times. During Chamberlain's time, defensive statistics like blocks and steals had not been recorded yet. However, according to Jack Ramsay, "Harvey [Pollack] said he used to tell one of his statisticians to keep track of Wilt's blocks in big games ... One night, they got up to 25."

Here's a list of all his records. It's insanely long, too long to post. Literally:
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2019 Prediction Contest Winner
With the 4th pick, Spy selected the only player ever to win MVP, Finals MVP, and DPOY in the same season...

The all time leader in blocks...

Here's an in depth analysis of career playoff statistics to determine the GOAT:

Based on the formula devised, Hakeem came out as the best player ever based on overall playoff performance (MJ was #2).

He's also the only player ever to win a Championship without another All-Star or future HOFer on his team; he's the closest thing we've ever seen to a player winning it all as a solo act.


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Whoa. What prompted that major life change?

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Well it's just the next chapter of my life I guess.. been running this family business for 10 years now, we've just sold up & looking forward to moving on to new scenery, new environment and new challenges. Really looking forward to it.