* NEW * 2019 Annual JazzFanz All-Time NBA Draft


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Was there a seeding based on team strength on this contest? I have not tracked it closely.

Maybe everyone feel the way fish does. If so, we can post the seeding. I just see a 3 seed vs a 14 seed may anchor voters to vote for the 3 seed. Or, you just wind up with a lot of pissing contests over the seeding and why my team got screwed.

Either way is ok with me as long as we do the seeding.
No, I actually seeded alphabetically by 3rd pick. Semi randomly, that is to say.

And then I don't think it was ever mentioned again.
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I don't care how match ups are randomized but that's how the seeding should be done.


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Whats so hard about just making a pick when someone says its your turn. You were in the thread talking to people.
What's so hard about not being an absolute dickhead? You seem to have issues with it.

See? Everyone's got their thing.

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