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No thread about the Filipowski fiasco?


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Maybe it’s being discussed in another thread and I’ve missed it but I thought I’d come in here and see 10+ pages already dedicated to it.

Is the mormon part of the sub plot making folks too squeamish to talk about it? The more I read about it, the more I feel awful for Kyle and I can’t help but catch the irony that he ends up in Utah of all places right in the middle of this firestorm.

Edit- Just went to page 2 and see its being discussed in the Filipowski draft thread. My bad. Still seems like the fanbase is pretty low key on the whole thing. I’m caught somewhere in the middle of why should it matter and wow, this **** is disturbing. ‍
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Imagine if his GF was Muslim and had converted him to that religion.
No one would dare criticize it publicly.

Certainly the matter wouldn't be subjected to nabobs posting idiotic alliteratively titled threads on BB forums.
He could rock the barn with Ice Spice, leak the sex tape on TikTok, and no one would be making a big deal of it. But because he's dating his former babysitter and she's mormon, all of a sudden it's a controversy.
It was discussed at length in his draft thread and to my knowledge no actual details have come out. The brother/mother seem to want to go public on a major outlet and no one wants it (which if that continues, may tell you something because the media loves hot gossip stories)
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Seems real weird to me. But also not my business. He’s a grown man now, and will have to navigate this as one. At my age I try to avoid rubbernecking. His family has legal recourse if they can show he’s been prey, but my limited knowledge of this stuff is that it’s very difficult to win in court.
I was teaching Sunday school a couple weeks ago and a story was shared about someone being disowned by their family for joining the 'Mormon' (my) church and she was warmly welcomed and encouraged. It is not the first time I have heard similar stories, in fact it is almost a right of passage in the church. As for the dating while in high school, if she follows her beliefs, no way they broke the law.
I will say I have seen plenty of cases where the family overreacts to a son or daughter joining the church. Also in any relationship a spouse many times will follow the other into his or her religion. I don’t have all the facts so I can’t say one way or another. It’s all speculation here from us.