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Game Thread Nov 01, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Grizzlies

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For a team that doesn't yet have a high-level point guard or elite wing, the Jazz are well coached. You would think the Grizzlies would play more defense with the guys they have. Jazz are collapsing the defense with drives and getting open looks from 3, which they're burying tonight for some reason.
The Jazz need to keep their foot on the pedal so we can get extended minutes of the young guys.

It looks like GG Jackson is with their Gleage team and not available. Too bad.

Hendricks and Sensabaugh should get some time.


undefined HeadshotLauri MarkkanenSF16:265683.34410033100088100021722
undefined HeadshotJohn CollinsPF15:532540.01333.34666.702222001920
undefined HeadshotWalker KesslerC09:5511100000.0000.00220000023
undefined HeadshotJordan ClarksonSG15:537977.844100000.0033320311820
undefined HeadshotTalen Horton-TuckerPG13:082366.7010.0111001126003357
undefined HeadshotCollin Sexton10:524580.03475.022100000300201326
undefined HeadshotKeyonte George10:152450.0010.0000.001110110413
undefined HeadshotKelly Olynyk14:0533100111001250.025730021830
undefined HeadshotOchai Agbaji08:071333.31333.3000.001110010313
undefined HeadshotKris Dunn05:26000.0000.0000.000000001011
undefined HeadshotSimone Fontecchio
The ref said “no, thats not what happened” to williamson

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I figured we would win this game, but I never guessed we'd be 30+ ahead at the frigging half. Wow.
Kenny Lofton Jr. is like that chubby kid in middle school who sucks at basketball yet ends up injuring half your team just by trying to play defense and get rebounds.
I was going to say, hey look they have a THT too!
I took my 19 month old to the game and she started crying the moment we sat down. We lasted about 10 mins, then I brought her home, and now she's laughing up a storm while watching Elmo. The worst part of it all is having to listen to David Locke on the drive home.
That's what the trunk was invented for.