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Game Thread Nov 19, 2022 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Trail Blazers

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Just watch the replay. Very gret effort from the team specially without Mike. I was in a mall in Bangkok ( Central Bangna) having lunch and some shopping when i cross a guy wearing JC jersey here !. I told my wife this is a sign, JC will make us win the game. I was so right this time !!!

I prefer this win than the suns one if i have to choose.
For 2 reasons :
- We got it without Mike.
- We got it not shooting particulary well.

We cannot expect shooting 40% at 3 every night considering the high volume we take. Tonight we shoot only 35.9% which is correct but we find a way. Very impressed by this group.
In fact they are a better team than last year.
JC really bailed us out in the 4th. We gave up that big lead in the 4th and couldn't get anything going offensively, then Clarkson just carried us to the win.

Beasley has been playing out of his mind for awhile now. I'm not sure how long he can keep this up, but he has been super impressive.

Fontecchio is not very noticeable on the court in a good way. He's keeping the ball moving, not getting lost on defense, getting rebounds, and hitting shots when he's open. We have enough guys that do crazy things on the court, it's nice to have another guy that is just under control.
What are we doing playing Mike in this game? We kept playing with fire and it burnt us, just really predictable stuff. Hopefully he's not out for too long.
I agree with that. I'm a bit angry with the decision to make him play after a tough game against Suns. Not a smart decision from coach. Hope it's not a long injury as he may hurt us a lot.
Such a bummer with Conley's injury. Takes away the joy from those two fantastic games. Hopefully it's not super serious. He's been crucial for us this season.
This view might not be popular after 2 awesome wins but I gotta be honest.. as impressive as JC looked this 4th quarter triggered my PTSD. Live and die by guard driving and taking step back 3s.

I dread Lauri is not gonna be involved much as long as Conley is out, and not tapping into his potential might be the most destructive thing we can do for this season and going forward as well.
I really just love every player on this team (except for Gay).

I dont, and never have, like KO.
He is pretty good though. Just annoys the hell out of me and has too many weaknesses despite his very strong strengths. Would love to trade him for a first. He would be first on my list to trade.

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