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Game Thread Nov 23, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Pistons

Added to Calendar: 11-23-22

Looked kind of intentional
Hopefully somebody in the crowd spits in the face of these ******* refs on their way out tonight.

these refs have completely been completely ****ing disgusting the past 2 jazz games. From the charge to this..its disgusting.
Go to the hoop. Refs need to give us a make up call for that one.
Olynyk with a great pump fake from three and the defender goes up in the air and Olynyk DOESN"T jump into him and get the 3 free throws?
Pretty bad loss as you have one of the worst teams in the league missing good players at home on a B2B.
****ing Malik Beasley is leading the jazz in rebounds tonight.

**** this ****ing stupid *** game. Worst loss of the season by far.
These nba refs really make alot of games hard to enjoy. The inconsistencies are so lame.

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