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Game Thread Nov 23, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Pistons

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Our defense is a problem though. We really need to fix our issues there.
Ya I wish we would have traded KO earlier for something. Sick of him. (and he has actually been pretty good offensively the last two games.)
The worst officiated regular season game against a home team I’ve seen since Stern!
Still had chances to win but too much choking going on.
This is a frustrating loss we needed to win this. All of our losses except 1 we were in it at the end. On the flips side all the wins were pretty close as well.
Every Piston fan to Jazz fan before the end of the night:

Live it up tonight cause you guys will never get out of the turnstile.
Well the pistons record is bad but they were missing Burks for most of the season. Since he has returned from injury they have been much better. Hard to expect the jazz, or any team, to beat a Burks led team.