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Ochai- What do we think?

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I would not say the kid is like a building block... he's not a bust or even disappointing. I think his defense is actually not great and he isn't doing a ton of other things... its fine and it makes sense. But Locke has been throwing out comps like Norman Powell, Reggie Bullock, Desmond Bane... I don't see that really. I think he might be Courtney Lee... that was the guy that popped in my head randomly and I think it fits.

Anyway - Ochai... what do you think?

I can see him:
- shooting 40 % from 3, with more volume, with less of them being only of the pretty open corner variety
- being a plus defender
- super durable
- good on the fast break
- good FT shooter

Scoring in other ways, rebounding, passing? Yet to be seen. A durable 3 & D is valuable. But it's probably "just" a role player. Give him time, he's only 500 minutes into his NBA career (for a full-time starter that would be like 15 games in).
There's just... something missing.

Ochai is probably the softest, most contact-averse player I've ever seen get rotation minutes in the NBA. He has the size, the strength and the length, but plays like a ghost.

He makes Beasley look like PJ Tucker.

You know how some players are quicker than they look? Ochai is the opposite, he's slower than he looks. He pretty much has the ideal wing/SG body for the modern NBA, but can't really stay with any of the quicker guys at his position. I'm having trouble deciding if he has bad lateral movement or if his footwork just sucks. Might be the latter, since he generally looks like he's never played defense on any level before coming to the NBA.

I still have hope for him but the clock is ticking. He'll be 23 in a few months and shouldn't be looking like a clueless rookie at this point.
I think he needs a really solid playmaker at the point to open his off ball game right now. He is not a great creator but is fine at playing within a system and is getting better by the day adjusting to the league defensively. I see Mikal Bridges without the elite wingspan at the 3 but better mobility and upside as a ball handler/playmaker to justify developing as a primary off ball guard that can switch on multiple position players, and help us get stop,s and take a lot of corner 3's once the offense is clicking. The other thing I love about him is his upside as a glass crashing wing.