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Official Draft Thread

The Fresh Prince

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Patterson doesnt have star power. Waste of the 9th pick

Ah, because I preferred Patterson.
He doesn't have star power? He was on a team full of 1st round talent; not many people that played on KY this year didn't have star power, they had personality.


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It's one thing saying the Jazz shouldn't draft him, but it's another thing to say Monroe isn't a first round draft choice. Zach Randolph isn't athletic at all, but if he had any sort of a brain to keep things together, he would have been a multi-all-star like player.

But Randolph always had elite footwork and post moves, Monroe doesn't have athleticism or natural talent to fall back on, which is a huge concern. At just 19 there is alot of time for improvement, so am not totally negative on him.
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The Fresh Prince

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Monroe is a big cloud of hype.
He doesn't have any jailhouse tats though does he? His mother and father didn't come from an estranged background? Yeah, he'd be CJ's little Yorkie dog until he shows his failure night in and night out on the court.


Yeah I totally still want us to get Whiteside. Read the draft interviews on NBADraft.net... he just seems like the perfect fit for the Jazz.


NBADraft.net: You've been working out with Hakeem Olajuwon, what kind of things has he been working on with you?

Hassan Whiteside
Hassan Whiteside: Defensively, foot work. Helping with my back to the basket. Really playing lower and stronger.

NBADraft.net: How much time have you spent with him?

Hassan Whiteside: For about a week. Doing one on one in Houston.

NBADraft.net: What made you decide to enter the draft this year?

Hassan Whiteside: My family, financially and the fact that my coaches left the school.

NBADraft.net: What was it like playing in Huntington, West Virginia (at Marshall)?

Hassan Whiteside: It was cold. it was a real quiet place. Not that many people. But they really support their basketball. I don't really party, so there wasn't a whole lot to do there.

NBADraft.net: Did a potential lockout factor into your decision to turn pro?

Hassan Whiteside: Probably like 10%.

NBADraft.net: You went to Chicago recently for the combine, with the main idea being for the interviews. Talk a little bit about that process.

Hassan Whiteside: It was really fun. A lot of the GMs and scouts have great personalities, so it was a lot of fun talking to them. It was a lot of interviews, like 8 or 9 in one day.

NBADraft.net: What kind of questions did they ask?

Hassan Whiteside
Hassan Whiteside: Just like stuff about my family. And about gaining weight. Stuff like that.

NBADraft.net: You got 12 reps on the bench press at 185 lbs. Did that surprise you or did you know you could do that?

Hassan Whiteside: I knew I could do that. I'm stronger than I look.

NBADraft.net: How do the workouts with Frank (Matrisciano) compare to workouts you have done before?

Hassan Whiteside: They're a lot harder. He does a lot more outside stuff, working with weight bags. it's hard work.

NBADraft.net: Talk a little bit about Daniel Orton.

Hassan Whiteside: He's really physical. Uses his weight well. He can block shots.

NBADraft.net: Who do you compare yourself to? And what do you make of our Marcus Camby comparison for you?

Hassan Whiteside: Oh man! I don't think I play anything like Marcus Camby. I'd compare myself more to a shot blocking KG.

NBADraft.net: Best of luck to you in upcoming draft!


Thanks FP, glad to see the site is back up and running again. But seriously, a kid who isn't into big parties and wants to be better than KG? Draft him.

Darkwing Duck

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No doubt he will make awkward offense plays. But he is going embarrass people by blocking their shot over and over again too.

As I already posted, there's an article about Whiteside on Nbadraft.net. I quoted the part about being immature and naive, likely needing a coach that won't tear down his confidence. What I didn't quote is that he worked out with Hilton Armstrong and Daniel Orton. They alternated and went at each other one on one. Hilton Armstrong won 5-0-0. Hilton Armstrong. Abused him.

What I fear from Jazzfanz is that if he is darfted by the Jazz, he'll be Fesenko 2.0. He won't play for two years minimum because he is obviously not ready for the NBA, but fans will demand his defensive presence out there and that he'd be better on the court for the Jazz than Okur despite multiple assignments being blown offensively and defensively.

And yes, that was on purpose.

Wolverine Newby

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THis was on NBADraft.net

Luke Babbit to the Jazz at #9? From Today's ESPN Insider Rumors:

"This year's combine darling? Nevada forward Luke Babbitt. Babbitt measured around 6-9 in shoes with an 8-9 standing reach. That doesn't blow you away. However, he had an impressive 6-11 wingspan and essentially measures up with Griffin (6-10 in shoes, an 8-9 standing reach and a 6-11 wingspan). But Griffin is way more athletic, you say? Not according to the combine numbers. Babbitt had a 37.5-inch max vertical, a 3.2-second sprint and an impressive 10.98 lane agility score. Griffin's numbers were 35.5, 3.28 and 10.95, respectively ... What about production on the court? Griffin clearly had Babbitt bested here. Griffin averaged 22.2 PPG and 14.1 RPG in 32 mpg his sophomore year. Babbitt averaged 21.9 PPG and 9 RPG in 37 mpg his sophomore year. However, Babbitt does bring two things to the table that Griffin doesn't -- 3-point shooting and ball-handling ability. Babbitt shot a blazing 43 percent from beyond the arc this past season and showed excellent ball-handling skills for a big man in the combine. Of course, Babbitt isn't as good of a prospect as Griffin was. That's why we've had Babbitt No. 12 on our mock draft for two straight weeks. However, we might have him too low. Based on what I'm hearing, Babbitt could be in play as high as No. 9 to the Jazz."

Babbit to the Jazz at #9 could be interesting he could be a nice replacement for Andrei Kirilenko and he would be a great small forward with D-Will as a point guard. Not a bad idea for the Jazz if they really think he would be a good player for them.