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Official Let's Go BUCKS!!! NBA Finals thread

Even if Giannis is healthy, the only thing the Bucks have going for them is their size in this series IMO (and the way Ayton is playing, that might be even'd out a little bit).

Monty vs Bud is a complete coaching mismatch. I see Phoenix winning this in 5 or 6 regardless of Giannis' health.
This is the best finals in years because it isn't one of the Chosen teams. I'll be happy no matter who wins. Great great thing for the NBA, to see someone new win. And the really cool thing is neither one is a super big market and neither one is a huge draw for super-team talent. Simply fan-damn-tastic!
I’m pulling for PHX. I can’t see anything to dislike in the way they’ve envisioned the fit of their roster, or in how they’ve all come together to execute that vision. Also, I’m a big fan of how they generate offense. And in how much they squeeze out of their perimeter defenders.
I'm pulling for the Suns, they've never won it and they have Jae. I think Milwaukee will take it if Giannis is healthy though.
Has that ever happened before, a player gets a ring no matter who wins the finals?
Last year, Dion Waiters was in this situation, having started the season with Miami and then signing with the Lakers.
The first time, tho, was in 2016. Anderson Varejao started the season with the Cavs, finished with the Warriors. Cleveland offered him a ring since he played for them that season, but he declined.