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Official Rudy Gobert Trade Ideas Thread


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Right now I’m guessing Gobert had very little trade value. If the Jazz were unable to be successful with him what would make any other team think they could be?

Maybe Thibs would love the chance to have Gobert, but you’re not getting much of value back from New York.

I said earlier and will say again, we should not trade Rudy. We should put better pieces around him and Donovan. Rudy was really bad this game, no doubt, but so was our entire defense.


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Jazz getting exposed by small ball line ups are Rudy's fault? If you answer yes, you're saying that FO did a great job building the roster this year and that our perimeter defense is fine as it's all just one man's fault.


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I don't like this thread at all. Rudy is great. We need OTHER defensive athletic players around him. I feel that Mitchell and Rudy are off limits. However, anyone else including FO and coaching need to be available or on the hot seat.