Oni needs to find consistent minutes


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Like I said a few days ago in another thread, when you compare Bogie's FG% and 3pt. % to last season the difference is minimal. People are overreacting and I laugh when they act like he's SO MUCH worse than last season.

His shots are down from last season while most other players are shooting more than they did last season; we're less dependent on Bogie.
I listed bogie as priority for full health and I think the difference is real comparing to last year.
He’s .16 Lower this year on 3’s .(398 this year).
He’s .23 lower on 2’s.
But this year he has 6 games of .000% on threes this year (32 games) and 3 last year of 000% (60ish). So he has a bit more time to get to his consistent self. (The 0% games are spread out and two are recent).
And optimistically, because those 0% games have been evened out with high percentage games, I think he can get even better % this year due to offense providing more open looks.
There is still gain to be had through bogie getting fully back.