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Patrick Christopher tribute thread


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I was on the front page of basketball reference and they have a collection of random player images. Saw a guy that looked like he was wearing a Jazz jersey. He played for us in 2014-2015 and I'm surprised I had no idea WTF he is. He played in 4 games, but we signed him to a "multi-year deal" in December and then waived him in January.


I kind of envisioned this being read to some background music from Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" ads.

In part because of his efforts, we were able to land the pick that became Trey Lyles, who gave us Donovan Mitchell.

Hats off to you, Mr. Christopher, who, according to basketball reference, is straight outta Compton.


He was allowed to wear Roger Braille's number.


Everyone pour a sip on the concrete.

Iirc, he was injured and we had to cut him open up a spot and try someone else. I remember liking the guy.