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Pick is Gordon Hayward; ESA crowd boos


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"Coach Jerry Sloan said the boos comprised a “natural reaction” for fans who “aren’t familiar with what we’re trying to accomplish. We’re trying to get the best player, and sometimes that’s not who everybody wanted.”
As has been stated, with some of the in-game and off-season decisions, fans do sometimes wonder what the Jazz are doing.

But the booing came because fans don't believe that this was the best player available. Probably not at the wing or at the 4/5.


I was at the ESA, I booed. The guy behind me yelled oh, sh**, and there was a loud he** no.

Whoever claimed that Jazzfanz have no class? I betcha no other draftee got that spirited of a response tonight. Welcome aboard, noob!

David Stern

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We know how to win a championship now.

We poison all of the canned soup in Utah, then it will kill off all of the KOC-loving fools, and hopefully KOC himself. Then we can bring in Pritchard.


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I think the Jazz might have had a shot of trading with GS to get Monroe and give GS Udoh and who knows what, but probably the Jazz were not too high on Monroe. It would be asking the Jazz who they really wanted. Obviously, they didn't really want Ed Davis.

So really, it came down to the George, Henry, Babbit & Hayward group. The Jazz had their pick of the crop...

Wolverine Newby

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I am now a huge Hayward fan. I hope he turns out Awesome! I think he will surprise us with how good he is. Takes some talent to take a team like butler to the finals and almost win it on a half court shot.


Takes some talent to take a team like butler to the finals and almost win it on a half court shot.

If he really had talent, they wouldn't have lost in the finals. Deron Williams took his team to the finals, too, but, just like this chump, he lost. And, after 5 whole years with the team, just where has that loser taken the Jazz, eh?